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Recently diagnosed ulcerative colitis

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feekerry Sun 14-Jun-15 21:24:52

I have recently had a flexible sigmoidoscopy due to some 'unpleasant' issues!! Very quickly and very clearly the doctor saw mild to moderate uc with some small ulcers. He said it was only apparent in a certain section he was clearly able to see where it starts/ends.
Prior to my flex sig I had been taking a daily dose of Imodium which worked v well and actually when I stopped taking it in prep for my endoscopy I had no uc symptoms.
I have been prescribed mesalizine, fairly high dose. They have said I won't need to take Imodium as mesalizine will control everything. How long will it take to work? It's been a week and I feel no different what so ever!

Delphine31 Sun 14-Jun-15 21:37:28

Did you doctor tell you that with UC it's actually not a good idea to take Imodium at all? Worth mentioning just in case you don't know that.

I was diagnosed with UC in 2010. I have to admit that it took a good few months to hit on the right combination/dose of meds for me so you might have to be patient.


There is something you can do that might lead to an improvement within a day or two (it did for me anyway) which is to cut out caffeine for a little while. Caffeine is a stimulant and in our delicate condition will make us 'go' more often. Obviously if you're usually a heavy coffee/tea drinker you'll need to reduce caffeine intake gradually otherwise you'll feel appalling with withdrawal symptoms which won't help!

Have you been referred to a dietitian? This would be worthwhile as there are all sorts of little dietary changes you can make that will help your symptoms. The most obvious one is to avoid eating anything spiky/with tough husks - seeds/wholegrains while your colon is ulcerated (fine to reintroduce once your colon is in a better state) as they tend to irritate as they pass through.

In terms of managing the unpleasant symptoms, if you're experiencing urgency that is problematic it'll give you confidence to know you've got a kit together in case you need to clean up. Baby wipes and a spare pair of knickers in your handbag if you're having a severe flare up can be a lifesaver!

MrsPnut Sun 14-Jun-15 21:42:42

It took me a year to get the right combination of meds and a bit longer for dose tweaking but my UC is pretty much under control. I have to be careful because I am taking mercaptopurine which makes me immunocompromised and I can become very ill very quickly but that and the pentasa have kept my other symptoms at bay. I have a proper poo once a day and it makes me very happy!

feekerry Sun 14-Jun-15 21:52:14

delphine I have read that on most packets of Imodium types products and was wary. However, it has been a total life changer. No urgency, very little blood, normal bowel movements. I said to both doc and consultant that I had been taking it and neither were concerned (2 a day) but said the mesalizine will stop all of the previous issues I have had.
I know everyone is different but apart from some tiredness (not anemic) I feel absolutely fine and have done for a while. Maybe I think I feel fine but actually I don't.
I just want to go to the toilet normally and Imodium sorted that!

MrsPnut Mon 15-Jun-15 06:37:59

If you don't feel the mesazaline is working then go back to your consultant. There will be a medication combination that will work for you without using immodium.

GoldfishSpy Mon 15-Jun-15 06:43:47

Give up wheat.

Have a read of 'Wheat Belly'.

It is interesting and terrifying stuff. There is a case study in there of a woman who had severe ulcerative colitis that went away when she quit wheat.

Hope you get better very soon.

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