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loopyloo87 Sun 14-Jun-15 20:27:39

Hi has anyone suffered with a throbbingheadache that's just in the back of their head? I don't usually suffer with headaches but in April I had an awful throbbing pain in the back of my head just above my neck it lasted fir 3 days & while Nurofen eased it for a while it returned.. By the 3rd day I was getting worried as I'd never had this type of pain before so went to the Dr she took my blood pressure & Took bloods to check my colesterol by this time the headache had vanished I must admit at this particular time I was under stress I am a worrier & have had anxiety issues in the past and don't sleep we'll.
. All my blood tests returned clear & all was well.. However this morning I woke at 5am with the same throbbing pain I took a Nurofen & prayed it wouldn't return which it hasn't but I'm worried.. someone told me it can't be a migraine because they only usually effect the eyes And front of head I feeling concerned although it hasn't come back I'm almost waiting for it sad

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