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Recommendations for osteopath?

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grace11 Sat 13-Jun-15 15:09:13

Has anyone used an osteopath for spd in pregnancy? I'm looking for one that's reasonably priced in London - would appreciate any recommendations. Thank you!

HeadDoctor Sat 13-Jun-15 15:09:59

Travel to Hector Wells in Banbury.

grace11 Sat 13-Jun-15 17:13:40

Banbury is a bit far for me unfortunately - also can't see on his website that he treats spd?

HeadDoctor Sat 13-Jun-15 18:05:37

He does. He did a whole clinical study on it. He's treated me twice. It's an hour and a half away from me but I wouldn't go to anyone else.

EssexMummy123 Sun 14-Jun-15 22:54:21

The London School of Osteopathy in Shadwell are fab.

BIWI Sun 14-Jun-15 22:55:22

Whereabouts in London?

Leaflitter Wed 24-Jun-15 18:57:00

Mathieu Rossano in Ealing is great (I haven't had SPD tho).

BrilliantDayForTheRace Wed 24-Jun-15 18:58:41

I too was going to recommend bridge to health in Ealing. He's really good.

dsmama Wed 24-Jun-15 18:59:22

Jessica at the Maris Practice in Twickenham is amazing...

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