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Lupus and nose sores

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Battleshiphips Sat 13-Jun-15 12:57:24

Just after a bit of information. I am convinced I have lupus although my gp has never checked for this. I have all the symptoms include the "butterfly rash", I have taken pictures of this to show him. About 6 months ago I noticed a painless lesion in my nose. It looks like a white ulcer. At the time I spoke to the rubbish GP in our surgery and she said it was fine and not to put anything on it. I was still concerned about it sospoke to my usual fab gp about this about a week and a half ago and he immediately said he was referring me to ENT as it needed an urgent biopsy. I have been worrying myself sick about it since.
I did read about a week ago that lupus can cause painless ulcers in the mouth and nose and wondered if anyone had ever experienced this.

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