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Irregular bleeding?

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Lilypad15 Thu 11-Jun-15 20:15:08

I had the Nexplanon implant fitted about two months ago. I started out with no problems, then I started spotting a little bit. Now I just have a constant period. Now I say constant, as it is almost every day, but there are some days where I have no bleeding at all. The bleeding stops and starts randomly. For example, woke up today with no bleeding, went to work, no bleeding, came home, no bleeding and then about 5pm, bleeding quite a lot. About as much blood as you'd expect with a regular period flow.

Now I'm not bleeding heavily 24/7 so it's not ruining my life per se but it's frustrating not knowing when I'm going to get caught out. I can be out and about whether in work, out for a meal, whatever, and it'll just start out of the blue and it doesn't start off as spotting and get heavier, it starts out heavy straight away. One minute I'm fine, the next I feel this wetness start. I can't wear a tampon 24/7 "just in case" and I hate pads and refuse to wear one every minute of every day. What is the likeliness that this will calm down? The nurse said the bleeding patterns I experience within the first three months are an indication of what they will continue to be like. Honestly, if it's going to carry on like this then I would rather have it removed and go back on the pill and just have one week of bleeding instead of never knowing when it will happen.

EnjoyTheSimpleThingsInLife Fri 12-Jun-15 17:48:39

I first got the implant in December 2011. For the next 3 years I bled nearly every day (at first I got told it was normal, then I just put up with it.)

I had a new one put in in November 2014. I haven't bled once since then.
Obviously this is just my experience and I think I've been lucky this time but I couldn't go through all that bleeding again.

However yours may calm down over the next few weeks/months. I think it's different for every woman.

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