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Not gallstones so what is it?

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Lottiedaisytoby Thu 11-Jun-15 11:57:22

Had appendicitis in January and been to a & e twice since. One lot of pain has seemed to merge into another. Gp sent me for ultrasound which diagnosed an unhealthy gallbladder but no stones. I was prescribed antibiotics and told to go to hospital if pain gets bad and he would refer me back to surgeons. A couple of weeks later Gp sent me back to a and e who said I probably did have stones that ultrasound didn't pick up. They were going to keep me in but only for pain relief not further investigation. A and e doctor called me and arranged an Mri. Have chased and chased mri results and referral and not got appointment for 6 weeks.
Back to Gp today who did have mri results after all and says my gallbladder is completely normal. Gp suspects it maybe scarring from appendix op.
I am still in a lot of discomfort and intermittent short lived pain. I don't want to live on painkillers for weeks on end. What next? Is there any other tests? I imagine Mri is pretty definitive. I should be so pleases it's ok but it doesn't feel ok.
Thanks if you have read this far!!

Lottiedaisytoby Thu 11-Jun-15 21:04:00

It hurts at the moment. I want to be relieved to get clear Mri but it's sore, all my symptoms fit an unhappy gallbladder. I think
I was wishing to get the thing out and feel better.

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