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Incorrect perineal stitching. Pregnant again - what are my options?

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ThimbleChuff Wed 10-Jun-15 19:35:23

Hi all, have name-changed I know a few mnetters and I don't want them to know all about my foofal problems.

DD was born 14 months ago. I desperately wanted a birth where I felt as in control as possible. It didn't happen. I had a bleed at 38+5 and was admitted. My waters were broken and labour pain went from 0-60 very quickly. I had an epidural, and when my daughter was almost fully descended they were worried about her being in distress so I had to push her out as quickly as possible. The result was an internal muscular tear and a perineal tear. The sewed me up (taking two attempts!). The recovery was horrendous.

After it healed it definitely didn't feel right. Looking at it, they sewed my perineum much more 'closed' and higher than it was before. This was confirmed by a surgeon who said that they could offer me perineal re-fashioning to fix it, or I could wait until I had completed my family before fixing it for good hmm

I was debating whether to have the surgery and then I had a happy accident and fell pregnant again. Am now 7 weeks and panicking about it.

There is absolutely no doubt that I will tear again, and possibly quite badly from the look of things downstairs. This is TMI but if I stretch out my inner labia to as wide as possible (as if I was giving birth) the hole is no bigger than a golf ball. My perineum is 'fixed' (for the want of a better word!) a good inch higher than it should be, and made up of scar tissue that won't stretch. Not sure if i'm describing this well!

Am I right in assuming that I can't have the re-fashioning now under local? I am debating whether to have an ELCS but i'm scared of such a big op. Has anyone been in this position before please?

Thanks for reading smile

(Also posted in childbirth section!).

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