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What is causing this pain?

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HamishBamish Mon 08-Jun-15 13:26:39

I have been experiencing this pain on and off for around a year. I can go months between attacks, but it's excruciating when it happens and it's nearly always at night.

Basically, it's a really sharp pain which goes from the base of my breast bone right through to my back. I also get pain which seems to run around my upper body (sort of where my bra is). I did go to the GP about 6 months ago as I thought it was gall stones, but dismissed that idea.

Since it's not a constant issue, I haven't returned, but last night I had another attack and it was agony. I feel better now, but still feel a bit sore.

Any ideas?

KanyesVest Mon 08-Jun-15 13:32:59

I have had that kind of pain for nearly 20 years! Gall stones ruled out years ago and an ulcer ruled out earlier this year via gastroscopy. For me it seems to be mild/intermittent GERD and I find zantac (or generic equivalent) good for it. Might be worth a gastro referral to rule out anything sinister.

HamishBamish Mon 08-Jun-15 13:36:39

That's interesting Kanyes thanks. I have had some heartburn on and off and have taken Zantac occasionally. Next time it happens I will try that and see if it relieves the pain.

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