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CT scan today after weight loss and still get nauseous.

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Snugglepiggy Mon 08-Jun-15 10:02:23

Posted a while back about losing almost a stone in a month or so and having an acute flare up of horrible gastritis and an urgent referral for tests.Well eventually after pushing for an appointment, as I wanted some answers and after 6 weeks had no sign of dates I got my endoscopy done last week and am in for a CT scan later today.The endoscopy showed my duodenum is inflamed but no ulcers,and I have been feeling much,much better - most days.But then out of nowhere nausea creeps on and lingers all day.I'm able to work and function- just.But it's draining and unpleasant and like morning sickness / travel sickness level of queasiness.
I haven't lost any more weight,but neither have a gained any despite eating little and often and very healthy and nutritious meals.So I'm wondering if certain foods are triggering these random sickly days.I did have a flat white coffee and a piece of cake for the first time in ages yesterday and was fine ,then a couple of hours later felt yuk.Had no caffeine and very little wheat / sugar foods in an attempt to ease my digestion since the gastritis hit 2 months ago.But last time it flared up no coffee or cake involved.Guess I'm going to have to keep a food diary of sorts to see if I can pinpoint a link,but as on a much needed holiday soon and would love to enjoy meals out and feel a bit grumpy about the whole last 2/3 months generally.Anyone else had a similar experience?.I know it's probably nothing life threatening but it's getting me down.

Millionairerow Thu 11-Jun-15 14:46:12

Hi not the weight loss, but I get ulcerstive proctitis and over last few months, gastritis which ok on omeprazole but keeps coming back. Going to drs to get repeat prescription today as both flared up and having diarrhoea a lot. I had stomach cramps past few days so can't tell if a bug or just my whole system irritable. Am a bit concerned bowel habits are changed but drs have not suggested endoscopy or anything. Thinking of going for further tests.

Millionairerow Thu 11-Jun-15 14:46:52

Meant to say getting v bad indigestion too.

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