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What am I coming down with?

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Hobby2014 Sun 07-Jun-15 19:12:10

Yesterday morning started with a painful back - right across the middle half. Hurt if I sat straight, hunched over, stood, laid down on front / back / side - on floor, sofa, bed etc. Tried walking and still hurt. I constantly had to move about yesterday to try to get comfy and for it to stop hurting but couldn't.

Come the afternoon my entire body hurt. Every inch.
Could not move, just laid in bed whilst DH did absolutely everything grin. I couldn't walk up any stairs without having a rest in between. Headache.

This morning hurt all over still and painful back. No strength to lift DS out of cot, pain in back too much as well. An all over 'funny' feeling. Can't really describe - tingly? Extra sensitive? these descriptions sound like some durex would sell Everything hurts me, as in I pulled my trousers up earlier and my thumbs touched my hips and it hurt because my thumbs were cold. They weren't exceptionally cold like I've just played with ice or anything. Added to that headache still here, and now a sore throat and cough.

Also to add no appetite over weekend.

Am I just getting an awful cold, or is flu on its way or something else? Any opinions?

I know that I should not take health advice from strangers on the Internet but it's ok, I won't sue if you're wrong and I peg it later

Thank you smile

aimingforthesky Sun 07-Jun-15 19:32:05

Had similar symptoms with a kidney infection, generally felt ill but back pain felt like I'd been kicked then rolled down a lumpy hill.

As a random internet stranger I would advise Gp tomorrow unless your temp goes up or pain gets worse then contact OOH for proper advice smile

Hobby2014 Mon 08-Jun-15 12:06:21

Have looked up about that and it seems it could be although symptoms are similar to flu and I'm figuring it can't be anything that bad as I'm dealing with my 10month old today so am having to get up and sort him out which I'm sure if it was anything bad I wouldn't be able to?
Don't get me wrong if DH was here I wouldn't be.

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