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I've been ignoring changes in my moles, now I'm really worried

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chocoraisin Sat 06-Jun-15 14:17:14

I just need a bit of hand holding and a kick up the bum to do something about it. I have at least 3 moles that have changed size, colour and either bled or been itchy over the last 3 years. I know I need to see the GP. Google has terrified me.

I have been concerned for a while, and actually went to my doctor about a year ago. After the briefest look at one of them, I was told not to worry go away. I have had a feeling in the pit of my stomach ever since that he was wrong and I need to go back.

Honestly, I'm panicking a bit and need someone to help me calm down and do the right thing by getting checked up - I'm just really, really (irrationally) afraid to do it because somehow that makes my concerns 'real'.

Please be gentle with me - I'm freaking out a bit. Not sure what I'm looking for in posting, I just dont want to worry DP or my parents so I've sort of ruled out talking to anyone in RL about my fears. I'm a lone parent (DP doesn't live with us) and the panic is all about what the hell I would do with my boys/how I would cope if something is actually seriously wrong. Ridiculous really.

I know the only peace of mind will come from finding out one way or the other what I'm dealing with - it just feels so bloody horrible and has brought up a world of emotions around being a lone parent that I don't think I've ever really faced before sad

tribpot Sat 06-Jun-15 14:35:57

Right, so on a practical level - can you see a different GP at the same practice?

This is a situation where there is no point trying to plan for all the possible eventualities, as by far the likeliest one is that nothing is wrong. So take this one step at a time - not going back to the GP cannot improve the outcome.

That said, I would definitely tell your DP. You'd want him to tell you if the situations were reversed, wouldn't you?

Chin up - you can do this.

royalair Sat 06-Jun-15 15:29:03

I've had a mole that bled and scabbed over & turned out completely fine so things can change and be ok. Having said that go and get them checked out so you can stop worrying. It's 99 per cent likely to be completely fine so why spend the time fretting. If your kids had a funny mole you wouldn't hesitate to bring them to get it checked so get them looked at and then you can relax. Bear in mind if the moles have changed they'll lolely recommend removing them but what harm- then you really don't have to worry about them as they'll be gone smile

BewilderedAndAngry Sat 06-Jun-15 15:31:26

Most moles, even the ones that have changed, turn out to be nothing nasty, but the odd one that is needs to be detected as early as possible.

Go and get yersel' seen - you know you'll feel better, rather than sitting at home, fearing the worst and stewing in your own juices smile

ancientbuchanan Sat 06-Jun-15 15:35:53

I also had a mole removed like royal air, and it's all fine though they did find something that they then removed with no problems. Google is incredibly frightening, so don't panic. But do give precise details to your Dr. No one looking at me would think I was a high risk candidate but I am and had to speak quite firmly to the consultant.

chocoraisin Sat 13-Jun-15 16:28:45

thank you everyone. I went right back into 'lalalala' ignoring it land and I have only just given myself a talking to sad I am going to book an appointment on Monday. Sorry I didn't reply before. I really am ridiculously avoidant about this.

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