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Social Smoking. Is it really that bad??

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ziopin Mon 13-Nov-06 10:46:22


I am a social smoker. I maybe smoke 5 cigarettes once a week. A friend has told me that this type of smoking is the worse type of smoking for you. Is this true? Can it be worse than smoking 20 a day??

expatinscotland Mon 13-Nov-06 10:47:23

The damaging effects of smoking are cumulative. In other words, the number of cigarettes over the course of a lifetime.

So no, it is not worse than smoking 20 a day.

ledodgyfireworksingedmyeyebrow Mon 13-Nov-06 10:48:59

I heard that if you smoke then don't then smoke then do, it is worse as your lungs repair themselves then get damaged etc etc so the wear and tear is worse not sure how true it is though.

madmarchhare Mon 13-Nov-06 10:49:08

lol, how on earth can it be worse than smoking 20 woodbines a day?

The problem I had with it was that it used to gradually build up to be more again after I had tried stopping. It has to be all or nothing iyswim.

NomDePlume Mon 13-Nov-06 10:51:41

I don't think it is s bad for your health as 20 a day.

BTW - isn't the phrase 'social smoker' just brilliant ? Smoking is one of the most anti-social habits I can think of

ziopin Mon 13-Nov-06 10:52:18

Thats exactly what my friend said ledodgyfireworksingedmyeyebrow. Hope its not true, I love smoking!!

CountessDracula Mon 13-Nov-06 10:53:11

I smoke about 6 times a year

TheHighwayCod Mon 13-Nov-06 10:53:57

funyn i saw a couple of mums smokign at rugby yest and was stinned that grown ups with brains STILl smoke

WelshBoris Mon 13-Nov-06 10:57:03

I cant understand it either


It stinks costs you money and ruins your health

<unlike vodka which is purely medicinial>

WhizzBangCaligula Mon 13-Nov-06 10:58:01

Yes you smell just as bad and unsocial smokers

expatinscotland Mon 13-Nov-06 10:59:40

I smoke about 6 times a year as well, 3 of those times are at Xmas and New Year's functions.

B/c smoking is banned indoors in Scotland, people go outside to do and get to chatting.

CountessDracula Mon 13-Nov-06 11:00:06

cos I LOVE it

And I can

without wanting to smoke at other times

Wilbur Mon 13-Nov-06 11:06:07

My problem with any level of smoking is when kids see parents doing it (I have friends who stand outside looking at their children through the window while they puff away which I always think is really ) and then have parents smelling of it, so that the smell and look of fags is associated with the people who care for them. Why set up that kind of association? Sure it's more likely to make your kids want to smoke? A few fags a few times a year at parties or nights out where your kids are not involved is fine, I guess, if you can keep it to that, but otherwise, I hate it, whether it is only mildly bad for you or very bad for you. (I realise I am no expert and I have been harshed on MN before about my attitude to smoking so I will duck out now...)

CountessDracula Mon 13-Nov-06 11:06:30

dd has never seen me smoke

expatinscotland Mon 13-Nov-06 11:07:07

Neither of mine have seen me smoke, either.

It's been whilst out and also I have partaken w/my mother whilst out or outside after the girls have gone to bed.

Wilbur Mon 13-Nov-06 11:12:03

I know a few people who can genuinely stop at a few, and I think they are very lucky. Don't you get a terrible head rush tho, if you are not used to it? From the distant corners of my mind I can still remember the nausea of trying to teach myself to smoke at about 15 - I tried so hard but could never get beyond the head in the clouds followed by thumping ache feeling.

[CD - have just read your comment on the ferry thread. You see there's another reason not to smoke, you could fall of a boat... )

CountessDracula Mon 13-Nov-06 11:12:35

spliffs don't count

MrsOhHu Mon 13-Nov-06 15:40:21

I love people smoking! I stopped 3 years ago, but I still like a whiff every now and again. I think some social smokers find more and more opportunities to be 'social'. Smoking isn't very good for you but some people happily smoke the odd fag and live happily and healthily into their 90s .

KathyMCMLXXII Mon 13-Nov-06 15:48:06

I have heard that occasional smokers tend to drag more deeply, so that may be the basis of what your friend said, ie the damage per cigarette may be greater.

Everyone on this thread must be right though - smoking more is definitely worse.

jalopy Mon 13-Nov-06 18:43:46

Don't smokers know that they have dog breath?

moondog Mon 13-Nov-06 18:51:30

Ooh I'm a fagger too at social occasions.

Pobably smoke about 30 a year.

I love it too especially as have morphed into boring old goody two shoes.

Bring 'em on!

lockets Mon 13-Nov-06 18:55:37

Message withdrawn

FrannyandZooey Mon 13-Nov-06 19:01:03

If I could smoke one cigarette a day I would.

I can't, so.

zippy34 Mon 13-Nov-06 19:03:45

Social smoking is only that bad if you're one of those evil "social" smokers that never buys their own cigarettes - believe me, smokers hate you.

Non smokers hate you too because you make their clothes smell just as much as "proper" smokers and at least they've got their addiction as an excuse (and are less likely to blow smoke in other people's eyes because they're better at it).

People who are trying to give up smoking REALLY hate you because of the comments like "oh, I only smoke when I'm drinking and I could stop at any time"...

Just stoppit - it's annoying (though undoubtedly better for your health than 20 a day).

JoolsToo Mon 13-Nov-06 19:06:18

any smoking is bad

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