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Gas Safety

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MumPeggy Thu 04-Jun-15 22:52:22

We are so lucky to be here I wanted to share this experience as a precaution we did not have one gas leak but two as where we just moved in needed refurbishment and I have had the beauty pageant of builders in and only one noticed the gas smell, as I had moved 2 cats and thought they were unsettled with the move I thought perhaps it was from the cats. I called the national grid who came immediately so never let a builder convince you to put a washing machine into a boiler cupboard as it had dislodged the joist on the pipe and NG whilst checking the gas meter as pressure had dropped noted it was also leaking, happy to be here especially as it's child safety week.
Happy to be here with my family

Mum Peggy

Lweji Fri 05-Jun-15 20:26:11

Lucky escape!

I also happened to notice a gas smell when I moved in to a new home. The gas man had apparently left a leak, but he was quick to go and fix it.

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