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Hemiplegic migraines and driving?

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AhhhhABaby Sun 31-May-15 17:34:25

So for my 21st my mum said she would put me through my driving lessons and buy me a car, which I am very greatful for BUT

Are hemiplegic migraine suffers allowed to drive? I've not had a day symptom free since March (when diagnosed) so wondering if DVLA would even allow me to drive?

Sorry if posted in wrong section, I would ask my doctor if they know but getting no where with them in regards with the actual medication for the migraines as my own doctors doesn't know much about it!!!

amouseinawindmill Sun 31-May-15 17:40:55

I don't think the answer is on that link but this charity helped me a lot with migraine when my GP was unable to. Call them and ask if they know the specific dvla rules for migraine. The dvla also has a list of medical conditions and information about driving eligibility but I couldn't see migraine on there as a discrete item.
Migraines are the pits, I hope you get effective treatment soon.

triballeader Sun 31-May-15 22:40:12

Depends on if you have warning symptoms before you have an attack. Warnings allow you to pull over to a safe place and use prescribed treatment to get an attack under control and rest before resumming your journey. Under no circumstances should you try driving on the stronger prescribed opioid based analgesics.

If you have attacks start without warning it might be wise to ask the DVLA. Migraine itself is not a disorder that disallows you holding a driving licence.

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