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Peptic/gastric ulcer? H.Pylori? Should it hurt this much?

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MissingKittyCat Fri 29-May-15 17:21:01

I am in so much pain. Have had reflux for years but as it never hurt so I didn't bother getting it investigated. Big mistake. A couple of weeks ago things changed, I was having chest pains. These gravitated to my right ribs and for the past week I've been in almost constant agony.

Have had an emergency abdominal scan, all looks ok apart from my common bile duct which was measuring at the top end of normal. Despite normal bloods, I am suspicious about having passed a gallstone, however none were seen on scan. The pain was as bad as labour when I went to A&E a few days ago. Now it is more of a gnawing, burning, stabbing pain in my right lower ribs, right side and it does move to my back (flank).

I'm on 40mg of Omeperazole for 4 weeks (started 3days ago) after which I will need to discontinue them to have tests for H.Pylori and and Endoscopy if symptoms haven't improved.

I've had to get tramadol for the pain, it only takes the edge off. Buscopan taken religiously at maximum dose eases it a little and I discovered eating porridge/nutri-grain bars also dumbs it down. What else should I be eating? I can't face a big meal, eating little and often at the moment but have already lost 8lbs in 4 days, I'm now borderline underweight sad

Pain has woken me between 3-4am every morning for a week. I'm struggling with the basics of life, the pain is travelling to my right shoulder blade, leg and arm. Is this normal for an ulcer? Any advice greatly appreciated!

Baddz Fri 29-May-15 17:31:56

Ime yes!
You are on the correct treatment.
Try cutting out gluten and dairy.
Hope you feel better soon x

Spinstar Fri 29-May-15 19:14:14

Missing. I totally feel for you. If you've seen my thread on here (Ulcerative colitis?/IBS//Something worse?....", you'll know I've been having similar problems for the last 10+ weeks only in my case, no treatment or diagnosis given so far - and so no pain relief at all, as I've also been advised not to have any till they figure out what's going on.

Have they suggested a gastroscopy? I've had one plus a colonoscopy and a CT scan and am still waiting for the scope biopsy results. It may be that a gastroscopy will show up more clearly for you what's going on.

I've lost 9lbs now and am up most nights in pain or at the loo. So I'll be thinking about you tonight at 3am - which is one of the times I tend to wake - along with 1am also. Glad you're at least being given some medication. I'm incredibly frustrated myself that there's nothing at all I can take - not even probiotics or any painkillers in the 21st century, after 10+ weeks of suffering. Seems like a crazy world to me right now.

Hope you get things sorted out much quicker and good luck.

Snugglepiggy Fri 29-May-15 22:01:41

OP you have my sympathy.I'm 6 weeks on from the most awful flare up of gastritis.I'm usually very stoic but DH took me to A+E because he was convinced it was heart trouble.I was put on 40mg Omeprazole which I took for a month but whilst waiting for referral to a Gastro enterologist I decided to stop it ,knowing they wouldn't be able to test for H Pylori whilst on it.I have finally been seen this week ,and am booked for a CT scan and endoscopy the week after next.Prior to this I've known I have a small hiatus hernia ( from an endoscopy 4 years ago to investigate anaemia) but never really had any reflux or heartburn symptoms.So I'm wondering if my hernia has got a lot bigger.We moved house and had a hell of a year with other things last year,plus I have an outdoors and active job.I have lost almost a stone in weight in two months,and I'm only 8 1/2 stones normally anyway so feel very skinny.So fingers crossed tests don't reveal anything worse than a hernia or an ulcer.
But I am feeling vastly better since stopping the Omeprazole and doing the following.
Cutting out bread and most dairy.Just lots of low fat yoghurt.Porridge with banana for breakfast.Soothing foods like avocados,rice,lean chicken,fish.Spinach and cabbage as veg.Drinking lots of warm water with lemon.Chamomile tea.And discovered Coconut water (Alpro) chilled is lovely and refreshing.
Apples too are great and meant to be naturally healing.Chewing DGL Licorice tablets before meals.And trying to relax and take time out to deep breath ,and calm myself down when things get busy.Whilst frustrated waiting to see someone I also had 3 sessions of acupuncture.Not sure how much that helped, but made me feel relaxed and as if I was doing something to move things forward.
I'm still getting some dull aching under the breastbone and through to my back and left side.But have slept really well the last 3/4 nights for the first time in weeks ,and only taking Gaviscon at bedtime now.
So take heart.I'm about a month on from you and feel so much better ,and really hope you do soon.

MissingKittyCat Sun 31-May-15 11:00:59

Thanks snuggle. I have been eating similar things to what you've suggested. My body knows it doesn't want fatty food, the thought makes me feel ill. Had a good pain day yesterday but then a horrible night, right side/back pain is bad today. I'm so tired. It's miserable. My face looks gaunt, I have no energy. Will keep eating soothing, easy digestible foods and hope for the best.

Have read your thread spin, your situation sounds dire, I can't believe they aren't rushing things through when your symptoms sound so horrible. I hope you get some answers soon. It's very worrying. Even I am thinking the worst due to the slightly dilated bile duct that was picked up on the scan. Hate the waiting game. Hate feeling this exhausted and anxious about what is going on in my body sad

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