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massive bloated abdomen- HUGE- any experiences?

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Fromparistoberlin73 Fri 29-May-15 09:03:37

Pissed off, in Dec 14 I had an open adbominal myomectomy for fibroids. Op was a sucess and back to work, and had a normal sized stomach. then in the past 3 weeks, the bloat and faint-womb-ache-heavy feeling came back, even with 2 pairs of support pants I look 4-5 months pregnant (again). Its like I never even had the operation. I am so worried as its possibly

new fibroids (so fast?)
ovarian cysts
ovarian cancer ( please no)
ruptured stitches?
cancer, cancer, cancer

I am mainly ranting- but would appreciate hearing others experiences

really weepy as (a) I dont want to die of cancer obvs and (b) its like I wasted time in having major syrgery

I am seeing GP today- but google is not helping me

Thanks x

JustWantToBeDorisAgain Fri 29-May-15 09:16:31

Is your stomach permanently bloated or does it get worse over the course of the day?

Mine seems to be triggered by food ( particularly yeast ) which makesme look about 5 months pregnant and feel shocking. I'm going to try low carb eating again next weeks that has previously made me feel a wholelot better.

Fromparistoberlin73 Fri 29-May-15 09:28:42


it could be diet, but seems odd that I had surgery- bloat went, then it comes back. all this time diet has been the same. I am 99% sure its gynae


deadwitchproject Fri 29-May-15 10:15:23

I initially thought food might be the problem too. I know when I have eaten things like quorn I look pregnant again. Anything with a large amount of gluten will bloat me and make my stomach look huge.

ptumbi Fri 29-May-15 10:18:17

Same here deadwitch - cut out wheat - all wheat; bread, biscuits, pasta, pastry, cakes. I used to get painfully bloated. Cut the carbs and the bloat will go. In my case, anyway. Worth a try?

Behooven Fri 29-May-15 10:22:35

Avoid google! You're doing the best thing by going to the GP. Hope it goes well for you.

Fromparistoberlin73 Fri 29-May-15 15:37:41

I have referaals for scans and ultrasound, I reckomn she think its my ovaries, so back on the NHS Hynae trail, GREAT!

i seriously want the whole lot ripped out , bar 2 kids nothing but grief!

gingeroots Fri 29-May-15 17:47:35

brew + cake + flowers

Hope the investigations are soon .Poor you .

Fromparistoberlin73 Fri 29-May-15 21:44:41

Thanks ! So much health shit going on around me right now - other people with problems . Bit feel very self pitying to have this huge abdomen again . And worried . Hey ho x

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