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Is this an early m/c, was I really pregnant ???

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WSM Mon 03-May-04 08:01:29

Yesterday my period came, it was a few days later than I was expecting but nothing major. Since then I have been suffering from excruciating pains, like mini contractions, constantly. I couldn't sleep because of them. I don't normally get painful periods and when I do they definitely don't feel like this. The blood is heavy and lumpier than a normal period too.

The reason I suspect that this is a very early m/c is the pain. I had a medical termination a few years ago which is the taking of a tablet to induce m/c rather than the surgical op. The pain is exactly the same as the pain I felt then and the blood is of a similar texture/colour.

DH and I were not ttc and I'm certainly not upset in the true sense. Just confused really. I told DH and he just said, "Don't be daft, of course you weren't pregnant !" and wandered off

marthamoo Mon 03-May-04 09:08:09

I had a *period* like this, many years ago, when I was a student. With hindsight, and after having had a miscarriage, I think it probably was a very early m/c (5 weeks ish). You'll never know. You could do a test as the hormones are still there for a few days after a m/c but as you were very early it might have been borderline anyway. And anyway, what would it help to know? Hope that doesn't sound harsh, it isn't meant to be. Just be kind to yourself and demand TLC. (((hugs))) xx

WSM Mon 03-May-04 09:32:25

I did a test when I was 5 weeks preg with DD and that gave me a strong positive, but I guess that doesn't necessarily mean that I will get another one with a different preg.

Thanks for your response Martha. I think it would *help* to know in my case, just to set the record straight in my own mind and move on.


WSM Mon 03-May-04 09:39:12

I think I will do a test, just to settle the ghosts.

I'm assuming that it would be best to lay off using tampons this cycle then ? That's what I was told after my TOP, 26wk m/c and after giving birth to DD.

Beetroot Mon 03-May-04 09:41:48

Message withdrawn

WSM Mon 03-May-04 09:50:36

Martha said that the hormones hang around in your system for a few days post loss, Beety. I have to say that was also my understanding.

baldrick Mon 03-May-04 09:54:18

could be, I know my mum has said that in her day people had miscarriages quite often in between children.(((((.hugs)))))) to you baldrickxx
(btw. not highjacking thread but wanted to ask if anyone has had a period it finishes then the same amount of blood appears straight afterwards.(almost like having 2 periods together?) ...dh has suggested going to doctors but it's nothing to worry about am sure and takes a bout a week to get an appointment around here

baldrick Mon 03-May-04 10:07:51

do you mind if I just ask if this has happened to other people, to put mind at rest

gingernut Mon 03-May-04 10:40:14

Poor you WSM . I think it might be a m/c - I had contractions with mine. A test might be +ve but if the p/g was not going well the hormone levels might have been low anyway so you might not see anything (with the p/g I miscarried I did several tests because they were all so faint even by 5 weeks, whereas with my ds the line was a strong blue straight away at only just over 4 weeks). I'd just use towels to be on the safe side.

Hope the pains subside soon - my contractions went on for about 12 hours, followed by just `regular' period pain, IYSWIM.

baldrick - don't know, sorry. I'd be inclined to try and contact your doc at least over phone.

WSM Mon 03-May-04 10:48:59

I'm ok, really Gingernut. We weren't trying to ttc and a baby isn't in our plan for a good few years so I can rationalise it fairly easily. Pain seems to be easing now, it has been around 13 hours since it started.

Baldrick, call your doc or phone NHS direct, just to put your mind at rest.

baldrick Mon 03-May-04 10:50:22

Thanks, will do

GeorginaA Mon 03-May-04 10:56:31

Nothing constructive or helpful to add, but just wanted to send you my love and hugs, WSM.

WSM Mon 03-May-04 11:01:07

Thanks G

Hulababy Mon 03-May-04 11:43:36

(((hugs))) WSM. A pg test will possibly show up. Durinf andafter my MC pg tests still showed positive for a while as the hormones take a while to go. They may also make you feel more hormonal too. Take care and relax.

WSM Mon 03-May-04 11:47:27

Showing this thread to DH has made him a little more understanding. I think it's pretty hard for him to grasp really. Will get a test from Tesco later.

WSM Mon 03-May-04 11:47:44

Thanks all.


WSM Mon 03-May-04 11:51:04

I have to confess to this being all the more likely as we are currently using the 'OH SHIT, PULL OUT!!!!' method of contraception. Turns out it isn't all that reliable ! Has spurred me on to getting a more permanent form (can't take any of the pills available).

WSM Mon 03-May-04 18:57:04

It's a few hours on since I first posted this thread. The pains have started up again, nowhere near what they were but still like a dull contraction with the odd sharp point, IYSWIM.

DH is very blase about it, perhaps that's the wrong word, but I think part of him doesn't quite see 'what all the fuss is about'.

I have to say that I am now finding it increasingly difficult to get my head around the magnitude of what has happened today. That doesn't mean that I still wish to be pregnant or anything, more that I can't quite comprehend that a whole lifecycle has played out inside me and I have been totally unaware until it's all over I almost feel like I'm not 'entitled' to be upset or even have any feelings about this as we weren't trying to ttc and now it is all over bar the shouting and I had no clue about the embryo anyway.

Sorry if that's rambly. Just need to say it into the abyss, get it off my chest. I know DH doesn't have the same depth of feeling as me on this and so talking to him about it would be pointless and frustrating for both of us.

Thanks for reading/listening

WSM Mon 03-May-04 19:31:34

DH just came in and gave me a big hug, kiss and asked 'HOW are YOU feeling?'. Made a difference, I can tell you

baldrick Mon 03-May-04 19:49:46

that's lovely.God bless you both

marthamoo Mon 03-May-04 19:58:46

WSM, of course you're allowed to be upset. If you feel it would help you to know then I would do a pg test tomorrow. Even if it is negative, it sounds to me like you are sure in your heart of hearts that this is not a normal period. I still produced a positive pg test several days after I had m/c'd (full miscarriage - don't want to be too graphic but I knew for sure the foetus had gone ) One of my friends had only known she was pg for a day when she miscarried - she still needed time to grieve. Take care, hon xx

GeorginaA Mon 03-May-04 20:00:09

You are *perfectly* entitled to feel upset/grief/relief/fear/and a myriad of other emotions that may well flit through your brain. I am hereby giving you permission :P It must be a horrible shock, even without the accompanying physical pains & sensations.

Please do get some rest over the next few days (if you can - I know it's hard when you've got kids to look after) and let yourself feel whatever you feel without worrying whether you're entitled to or not.

*many many big hugs*

baldrick Mon 03-May-04 20:11:08

that's good advice, sort of wanted to say that but not sure what to say, some people say it right

sarochka Wed 05-May-04 21:49:54

I have just started trying to concieve and was 8 days about late and this period can only be described as from hell. It has been the heaviest and lumpiest I have ever had and I have been more weepy and pale than usual. I daren't do a test at the moment as will keep on trying, but the throbbing pains keep coming and going. I had to sit down at work today and drink lots of water. I had considered that could have been pregnant but guess I shall try and move on to next month. Hugs from me wsm

bluebear Wed 05-May-04 22:00:25

I've had two like me they were lost babies..but I felt I couldn't really mention them to anyone other than dh (and I don't think it really registered with him). Grieve..take a test if it will make it feel more 'real'. Thoughts are with you. BB

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