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Lumpy child!

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Tiredoftiredness Wed 27-May-15 20:05:54


Just after some advice or experience please.

DS has had enlarged lymph nodes behind his ears for approx 2.5 years now. At the time we saw the doctor, had blood tests etc and were sent away with a Shrug and told to monitor.

Fast forward to this year and he's been healthy as anything since the usual winter bugs - no colds since around December, but his glands are seriously raised, and the other day I noticed tiny moveable lumps down his neck.

Saw the docs again last week and they have referred him for blood tests (which we have to wait a month to go for!).

My question is that he seems absolutely fine in himself, eats well, limitless energy this anything to be worried about or just a wierd child thing? Are we wasting the docs time?


Lagoonablue Thu 28-May-15 08:05:48

My DD had raised nodes from being a baby. They eventually removed one for a look and all was fine. I think they show up in some kids and not others. If the bloods are fine and the child is fine I wouldn't worry. Dodgy nodes get to be quite big and are hard and immovable I understand.

Lagoonablue Thu 28-May-15 08:06:45

Btw does he have eczema? I found cradle cap as a baby and then eczema flare ups led to raised nodes.

Reekypear Thu 28-May-15 18:13:16

My kids and and all hav them on the same side.

They get ill, they go up, but they never disappear.

Both had them from babies. I think I once read that it's normal to have nodes up to 1cm in a healthy non infected child.

Tiredoftiredness Fri 29-May-15 07:33:04

Thanks both, good to know others have them too-got no reassurance from the doc, just told yo go for bloods again! Hopefully they'll come back clear again.

No eczema, seems healthy as anything!


Tanfastic Fri 29-May-15 08:59:49

Mine has a very large lump in the side of his neck that we noticed when he was three. We got referred to a consultant down the fast track system which we found really worrying.

However consultant said straight away nothing to worry about. It was just calcified lymph node that has never gone back to normal. He offered no tests.

My son is 7 now and lump is still there, same size no different.

paxtecum Fri 29-May-15 09:03:31

Massage with particular oils can increase lymph circulation and decrease the lumps.
A herbalist could help too.

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