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Run down

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susang84 Wed 27-May-15 11:41:11

I'm really run down at the moment with mouth ulcers (currently 6 causing me pain), tired all the time and can't get a heat in me either.
I gave birth by c section 14 weeks ago and still getting abominal pain.
Basically, I'm feeling very sorry for myself lol.
I've taken up tennis to get some light exercise and also taking iron tablets but they don't seem to be helping much.
Does anyone have any ideas what's flooring me? I just want some more energy lol

susang84 Mon 01-Jun-15 22:42:37

Blood tests back as normal so is it just my body working overtime producing milk? Can't get a doc appointment for 3 weeks!

badRoly Mon 01-Jun-15 22:55:46

I think 14 weeks/3 months is quite early to be feeling 'normal' again - even if your baby is sleeping through and you are not breast feeding, your body has gone through enormous changes and 'stresses'.

I think as a society we put high expectations on women to get up and carry on as if nothing has happened when actually we need to give our bodies (and minds) time to recover fully and accept we can't do everything straight away. smile

Finally, from memory I was having abdominal 'twinges' for almost 12mths after my section which was almost 14 years ago and I healed well without any complications.

elenasalvatore Mon 01-Jun-15 23:00:48

Vitamin d tablets helped me in a similar situation. Just check they are ok with breast feeding. But yes feeling normal may be a long way off - the fact that you are able to pick up a tennis racket means you are doing better than you think! Rest, take care of yourself.

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