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Is gussiegrips about? I've a question about my plumbing...

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KanyesVest Mon 25-May-15 22:15:10

I've seen lots of your great advice on other threads, and was hoping you might be able to give me some pointers if you get through this essay (please and thank you very much!)?

I have had pelvic problems since DS was born, nearly 3yr ago; spd had me on crutches for 6 weeks after his birth and it looks like it will be a long term problem.

I've lost lots of weight and done a lot of work on my core, which has really helped the urgency /stress incontinence and tbh, neither is an issue now. But, running and weight lifting are. I come home with a distinctive "old lady" smell and very wet pants, but no additional urge to pee (I could easily not go for a wee for a couple of hours afterwards with absolutely no urge/pressure). I seem to have a bladder of steel normally; day to day I can go all day without going to the loo and then pee gallons. I never have the urge, but no leaking, etc unless running or lifting heavy weights. (I always go to the loo before exercise)

I'm on a long waiting list for a really good women's health physio, but other than increasing the frequency of my pf exercises and taking better care of technique can you suggest anything??

Thank you, and apologies for the essay blush

jenniferjane21 Sun 09-Aug-15 21:10:49

Another person wondering if Gussiegrips is still around?

I have occasional faecal incontinence. I have 3DC, youngest is now 5yrs old. I think I have lost sensation in my rectum since one birth, which was incredibly painful as baby's head came over my rectum. I'm never constipated (bit other way sorry - TMI!) and I feel I can never wipe myself clean. And sometimes I have some leakage on to my knockers which I have no idea about at all.... help!

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