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Severe separation of stomach muscles

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feekerry Mon 25-May-15 21:10:37

Dc2 is 15m. I have had 2 c sections. 6 weeks after dc2 my stomach started to get bigger and harder. 15m it is totay ridiculous. Belly button kinda dips in and floats about. I am fairly slim and my stomach sticks out a mile. It's often rock hard and I often see it moving. I work with the public and daily get asked if I'm pregnant or people stare at my tummy. I have to wear a corset to get trousers to do up.
I went to the docs about 8 months ago. They referred me to a specialist woman's physio who I saw on 3 occasions and she suggested I go back to the doc as she said separation was minimal, finger at most.
Went back to doc who said I had a large hernia. Reffered to hospital. Consultant ordered a ultra sound scan and said in his refferal letter the appearance was totally unacceptable and would need surgery.
Ultra sound scan showed no hernia. Consultant ordered mri scan and this time said if no obvious hernia they wouldn't touch it. I went for mri scan and whilst they didn't fully divulge results they said all the could see was separation. No hernia. I am awaiting the consultant to get back to me but I suspect they will close the book.
What am I supposed to do now??? It looks awful. I know there are various exercises etc but the physio sent me away as the she said the separation was minimal and wouldn't be causing the appearance I have.
Has anyone else been through something similar?

IsItSummerYet Mon 25-May-15 21:22:26

I have this plus hernias and do need surgery but as I have Crohns Disease have to have surgery done in a different and more complicated way. This would basically mean that during the 3 month recovery I can't be alone with the DC's as may need to lift them etc. So until I can afford a full time nanny this won't be happening! Anyway back to you - this sounds strange. I would go back for a second opinion as it doesnt quite add up does it.

I do understand how you feel though. I would say most hours of most days I think about how much my stomach sticks out and how odd it looks. It's very hard isn't it.

Queenmarigold Mon 25-May-15 21:28:29

I know a few people who had this after twins. They paid privately to have the muscles seen back together.

feekerry Mon 25-May-15 21:30:02

Thank you.
I am mostly b annoyed with the consultant. In his first refferal letter he stated that it appeared to be a separation of muscles and appearance was unnacceptable and would need surgery etc.
Then after the scan the second letter he sent said in absence of a hernia they would do nothing. Also he said in the letter that I had recently been for physio (not true....) and the appearance had improved dramatically (not true!!!) they don't even seem to listen properly!!

feekerry Mon 25-May-15 21:31:21

queen do you know of roughly how much that cost???

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