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Sister in panic about irregular bleeding

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MaudeTheMopLady Sat 23-May-15 17:55:07

My sister is in a panic and I'm hoping for a bit of advice to reassure her.
She has been trying for a second child for two years and sadly at the end of last year had to have a medical termination as her pregnancy wasn't developing properly and there was no heartbeat. This happened at 13 weeks and knocked her for six. The pessary that induced the miscarriage also took a long time to work and it was all v protracted. She then had another chemical pregnancy two months ago. After two years and all the disappointment she was fed up and went to see IVF specialist. He did a mega internal ultrasound which she found painful and found cysts, a small fibroid and (the thing that's she's in a panic about - a thicker than usual womb lining). He wants to do a hysteroscopy and she is going to book it asap. In the meantime she said her periods have got weirder and weirder, lighter and lighter. Her last period has lasted nearly 14 days (v unusual) and she has just started getting clots coming out. She is beside herself that something terrible is happening and can't get through to the consultant as it's the weekend. I wonder if any medically minded Mumsnetters might be able to offer some info/support/advice as she is very distraught and is convinced something deeply sinister is happening to her. Thanks in advance.

MaudeTheMopLady Sat 23-May-15 18:33:07

I meant to add she's 32 years old in case that's any help.

MaudeTheMopLady Sat 23-May-15 22:22:53


MaudeTheMopLady Sun 24-May-15 10:48:33


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