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How long does it take for canesten duo to take affect?

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Beaverfeaver2 Fri 22-May-15 19:02:04

I seem to have a bout of thrush starting mildly Wednesday night. (Didn't know it was thrush at the time)
Thursday daytime was still very mild but got terrible over night so much that I didn't sleep a wink.
I got to the pharmacy as it opened this morning and took the caneten poll straight away and applied cream.
Which I have repeated a few times today.
But I am still so uncomfortable.
And (sorry for tmi) I seem to be spotting a bit.

When will this work and do I need to do anything else or go to docs to get it sorted?
Otherwise my bank holiday plans are going to be ruined.
I was meant to be meeting up with old friends tonight but have canceled because of it

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