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Periods after giving birth?

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SalyCinnamon Fri 22-May-15 00:22:28

So sorry probably TMI.

I gave birth just under 6 months ago and it was a very painful recovery (forceps) my periods returned pretty soon because I was unable to breastfeed.

Since then I have had 5 periods and each one has been extremely heavy, it's almost as if I am constantly bleeding. I used to have what I considered heavy periods before giving birth but nothing like this, I can go through 2-3 packs of pads a day and I am still using maternity pads.

I also get quiet severe pain in my vagina for the first 3 days, it feels as though I have been kicked very hard down there, I'm usually unable to stand due to the pain, after 2-3 days the pain tails off, it doesn't completely disappear, but is just kind of a dull ache that is completely bareable, after my period finishes the pain disappears.

Is this normal? Does it go away? I am getting really fed up because for maybe 3 days out of the month I feel the same way I did after giving birth and I'm unable to really go out, couldn't even manage the walk to the gym today, I had to turn back! I know it doesn't seem long but I spend the rest of the time dreading it happening again.

Really sorry for the TMI but my DP is desperate for me to get checked out and I cannot stand the thought of going to the doctors.

mistymeanour Fri 22-May-15 17:38:50

Go and see a female GP. You are "flooding" and such continued heavy periods can cause bad anaemia. There are meds that can reduce flow and better painkillers than those on the market that the GP could prescribe. Also you really, REALLY should get this checked out - it sounds quite extreme.

Can someone accompany you at least in the waiting area. Your DP is right - I know it seems daunting but you do need to.

SalyCinnamon Sun 24-May-15 00:03:22

I think I'm scared of doctors/hospitals after the way my birth was handled, but I suppose I just have to get over it!

Hopefully the thought of going is worse than the actual act of going?

I will ring for an appointment on Tuesday, thank you.

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