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Massively thinning hair

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mamafridi Wed 20-May-15 11:46:52

Really worried about the front section of my hairline - it has been gradually thinning for years but now it's becoming really noticeable. I went to the doctors and after tests they found I was lacking in iron so I was prescribed strong iron supplements but I can't say I noticed a difference in hair growth. A year on and I'm wondering what my next step should be before I start having to cover my head up. :-(

Pleasemrstweedie Wed 20-May-15 13:32:53

Vitamin B12 is another offender in hair loss, also thyroid problems.

justanotherquestion Wed 20-May-15 15:21:39

Have you tried minoxidil? That may help.

tobee Thu 21-May-15 12:29:18

Genetic sufferer of thin hair here. My hair is also thin at the front. Like a bloke with receding hair. I also have thyroid problems and iron deficiency and vit d deficiency.

I've been on iron tablets for 18 months now and I've only recently noticed (last few weeks) that the thickness has improved.

Having searched on mumsnet about hair loss/thinning I saw people recommending products by Philip Kingsley and bought shampoo and conditioner. It seems to help.

I'd given up hope, really, but it definitely looks better. DH agrees. Personally, I put it down to the iron tablets and it taking that long for the hair to improve.

Kittykat7 Fri 22-May-15 11:52:16

It could be Androgenic Alopecia. I have it & have tried various treatments that are Anti androgen like Dianette & Yasmin Pill, spironilactone & Cyproterone. All gave me side effects so I had to stop. I was recommended to use the male Rogaine foam as it's stronger but as my hair is curly I have to wash & dry it every other day & can't be rubbing anything in to my scalp as my hair would look lank & matted.

MissingKittyCat Fri 22-May-15 15:59:21

I have this too. Starting to get me down. I also have thyroid issues and constant anaemia. Marking place for the magic answer!

Lipgloss74 Fri 22-May-15 16:47:55

I have a smiling problem due to medication- I went to a health store and have started taking biotin but they also recommend sea kelp now, I massage my scalp with coconut oil every week, I no longer straighten my hair, I keep it short and flatter to disguise my shiny scalp and I use active manuka honey shampoo, I believe nioxin is very good but out of my price range.
Good luck x

Lipgloss74 Fri 22-May-15 22:47:53

I meant similar shock

tobee Sat 23-May-15 01:08:19

Oh. Disappointed now that you don't have a smiling problem!

susiedaisy Sat 23-May-15 01:15:19

Lipgloss grin

I also have this problem my hair is thinning at the front where my fringe should be. I now don't have enough hair there to have a fringe if I try all I have are a few wispy hairs hmm. I'm not aware of having a thyroid problem or being anaemic but I know my mum and her grandmother have had the same issue

susiedaisy Sat 23-May-15 01:17:42

Oh meant to add my hairdresser said its not an uncommon complaint from women in theirs forties and older.

tobee Sat 23-May-15 02:21:27

My mum says her granny used to take a little bun of "someone else's hair'" and incorporate into her own hair. This did not make me feel better. And my granny always had a big halo of white curls around her clearly visible shiny scalp but as a child I thought this was normal.

poppym12 Sat 30-May-15 20:31:14

i'm struggling with this too. my ferritin levels, zinc and vit d were apparently low when i first went to see my gp about it 18 months ago. i have religiously taken my iron and vit d supplements. it did seem to improve for a while but its got worse again. now i'm wondering how to style my hair to make it less obvious (its obvious to me).

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