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Breast cysts

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Zazzabeans Tue 19-May-15 19:22:52

Been having left sided breast pain and armpit for about 10 days now, having my monthly feel last week and same across a lump in same breast.
Seen my gp yesterday who had a good feel and said she could feel several cysts.
How does she know they are cysts? She said she would happily see me again in 6 weeks to check them. Check for what ?
I am a very anxious person and suffer from health anxiety, however this has been at bay this year smile
I'm 32 and also have pcos.
just worried as to why she didn't refer me to breast clinic hmm

cheerfullady Wed 20-May-15 14:42:47

I have had breast cysts on and off for years - mine tend to come and go with my monthly cycle which is probably why she said she'd check again in a few weeks. Last year I had pain as well as more lumps than usual so I was referred and seen quickly for mammogram and biopsy but all was fine (they struggled to get the biopsy as the cysts kept 'popping' as soon as they put the needle in!). In every case the (different) GPs were totally right about their belief it was cysts, I think cysts tend to feel different. But if it's really bothering you then go back, explain your anxiety and ask the GP why she doesn't feel a referral is needed. Maybe make the appointment for 6 weeks time, and ask for a phone call in the mean time if it's really bothering you?

Zazzabeans Wed 20-May-15 19:18:32

I cant get another appointment until after my holidays sad
My daughter has an app in the morning, I may just mention it then.
I know I will make myself ill if I don't do something about it.
she did say multiple cysts which I have read is a good thing, also that they move which I also hear is good.
I don't want to let this ruin my holiday sad

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