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Post Sickness Bug Symptoms

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RecoveringPerfectionist Mon 18-May-15 16:02:44

I've had plenty of sickness bugs in my time, but none like this. Was up at 3am last Friday morning throwing up. Since then I've not been hungry (but have been trying to eat - maybe that's a mistake). I've not been sick since. I've not been to the loo since. My tummy is extremely distended from up under my boots (look pg). I've got heartburn and nausea most of the time. I'm sleeping with an extra pillow. I feel crap.

I don't know what made me sick. But the day before I had a couple of slices of raw red onion in my salad (I usually have a big salad every day but never with red onion although I do have a little with coleslaw). Straight after eating the salad my gums became itchy and my whole roof of mouth/sinus area/head felt horrid, as if they had been charred. Then that night/early hours of next morning I was very sick. Now if I so much as see a red onion I feel sick. Feels crazy but could it have been the onion that's buggered up my digestive system (if how I felt in my head shortly after eating was anything to go by)?

Of course it could be a random bug but I've never had these symptoms afterwards and I'm not sure what I should be doing?

Thanks for any words of wisdom.

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