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reduction of feeling in little finger and along side of hand to do with migraines?

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Flowerfae Thu 14-May-15 10:24:11

Hi smile

I was diagnosed with chronic migraine last year, they have tried me on lots of different medication but nothing worked so I'm now on 500mg of ibuprofen to be taken when needed which does help the headache part of it.
I have had partial seizures (I used to have epilepsy so its not a new thing, but I've not had them for years, they started up again when the migraines started). I don't have them alot though, once every few months at the most.

I have had constant pressure around the left temple area for nearly two years and about two weeks ago I noticed a reduction of feeling with slight pins and needles in my little finger and ring finger, and down the side of my right hand.

Its got to the point where I struggle to lift heavy things (like a pan) and gripping things or tying the children's shoelaces is getting difficult with that hand (I have had carpel tunnel but with that my wrist clicks alot, it was different fingers which were affected, and the tingling stopped if my after my wrist clicked).

Just wondering if this thing with the loss of feeling is to do with the migraine or if its just carpel tunnel? I have a splint but wearing it doesn't make any difference.

I have been to the GP who say its all to do with the migraine but was wondering should I ask for further investigation, if there is a connection? don't really want to make a fuss and it turns out to be nothing.

desertgirl Thu 14-May-15 10:26:53

google cubital tunnel syndrome and see if that fits? it is like carpal tunnel but a different nerve; if you sleep with your elbow very bent for example it can cause it.

CMOTDibbler Thu 14-May-15 10:30:46

thats ulnar nerve compression (not radial like carpal tunnel affects), and as desertgirl says, its usually at the elbow level. Try sleeping with your arm straight and avoid doing things with lots of twisting movements and see if it helps

Flowerfae Thu 14-May-15 11:23:26

Thankyou for the replies, will try that smile

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