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Antibiotics for six flipping weeks! Gloomy - had sinusitis since February

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scattercushion Wed 13-May-15 11:34:42

Yes, I am proud of the mountain of medication on the microwave, but that's about the only benefits of this draggy sinusitis.

First time I went to the doctor, she prescribed two weeks of antibiotics. They took away the infection - ie the pain and yellow snot (sorry) but I could still feel that it was congested up there. Sure enough, after I finished the course, the infection started up again.
Back to the doctor I trot, this time I'm given a six-week course of antibiotics (amoxycillin) but a lower dose, a steroid nasal spray and advised to take 600mg of ibuprofen three times a day.
Incidentally, the pharmacist kept coming out from behind the counter to double-check the prescription. It was a carrier-bag full and cost £35!
So I am now three weeks into the antibiotics/steroids and they don't seem to be working at all - still congested, pain on and off, terrible catarrh at all times.
Any ideas anyone?
I am doomed to be bunged up forever? What causes the congestion in the first place?
Please don't suggest steaming/nasal rinses etc they don't work. Did I mention I was gloomy? grin
Is it worth going back to the doctor to try another antibiotic or what?
The first doctor said I may need an operation to drill another drainage hole in my sinuses. The second doctor said absolutely no way, don't do it, it just exacerbates the problem.
I have forgotten what it feels like without phlegm.

Pleasemrstweedie Wed 13-May-15 11:46:06

This is going to sound a bit woo, but honestly, aromatherapy is your friend.

I have one of these and I use a mixture of tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus oils.

shadowfax07 Wed 13-May-15 11:58:09

You poor thing, sinus pain is miserable. I had a sinus op, where they flushed them out and then widened the existing drainage hole. Things have been better since then, I've had far fewer bouts of sinusitis. I do get post nasal drip now though, not much fun in the morning. Have you tried a saline spray like Sterimar yet? I do steam as well, but I use what looks like a toddler cup, but with a face mask on top, like this
I use a few drops of Olbas Oil in it, you can get them cheaper in Home Bargains. Another thing I used to use was smelling salts, a few sniffs would help my sinuses to clear. Making myself sneeze used to clear them too. Good luck, hope you find and answer soon.

scattercushion Wed 13-May-15 12:15:15

Pleasemrstweedie - well I like the smell of teatree, lavender and eucalyptus so it can't hurt to try.
Shadowfax07 - very interested to hear your drilling improved things, apart from the post nasal drip of course. With the steaming etc it feels like the front section is cleared but the attic, so to speak, isn't touched.

DrankSangriaInThePark Wed 13-May-15 13:26:39

Get a neti pot.
You need to use it regularly though.

DayLillie Wed 13-May-15 13:33:26

No help really.

Just to say I had erymoid sinusitis at Christmas (no snot - probably allergy induced) which went away but have had green snot and bleeding on and off since the beginning of March.

Wondering whether I should see the doctor but I don't want antibiotics as had loads a couple of years ago and they played havoc with my intestines. Now I have silver birch allergy and am surviving on ibuprofen and antihistamine. The ibuprofen seems to help most.

Vintagebeads Wed 13-May-15 13:35:12

Have you tried a nasal wash?You basically flush out your nose with a saline wash,you can get it at the chemist.
DH has had it on and off for years,antibiotics never really did it,but he finds,steam combined with a nasal wash,Vaseline up the nose and nurophen for pain.
It seems to be one of the things that regular medicine doesn't seem to fix or ease.

Handsup Wed 13-May-15 18:09:01

Sinurinse by Neilmed actually saved me from having an operation. Months of antibiotics did zilch.

goodasitgets Wed 13-May-15 18:10:27

You might need a change of antibiotics. Amox didn't touch it for me, doxycycline cleared it

scattercushion Wed 13-May-15 19:58:05

I will head back to the docs to ask for doxycycline and try the rinsing again although I must admit half-heartedly. Does it actually feel like it is reaching the effected area, handsup?

goodasitgets Wed 13-May-15 20:35:51

They might give a different one but worth a try for a change of antibiotic

TwiceAsNiceAsIceAndaSlice Thu 14-May-15 08:58:30

Ask your gp to do a swab for candida. Have a google about sinus candida infections, very interesting stuff.

Dh has major sinus issues. He also inhales steamy peppermint/lemon/tea tree oils, and is doing some kind of bicarb nasal rinse at the moment. Although if I see him examining any more of his snot I may divorce him vomit.

scattercushion Thu 14-May-15 11:18:27

Ooh TwiceAsNice - something to google! Excellent. Thank you. Examining the snot is an important thing to do is disgusting but I do it too

I won't sit passively, snorting back catarrh every five minutes. I'll do something.

Handsup Thu 14-May-15 11:20:38

Yes it does scatter . I've tried other rinses including sterima but the sinurinse was the only product that actually washed my crap away. I highly recommend for chronic sinusitis.

bobs123 Thu 14-May-15 11:36:07

OP has said that rinses don't work. All over the counter rinses are just a mixture of salt and bicarb. You can make your own. My doctor just said salt, sugar and bicarb in cooled boiled water. He gave me a big syringe to squirt it up. Like the OP said - it just tends to sort the front and not the "attic"

I've had sinus problems for more that 15 yrs (headaches for months a time). No congestion, just sinus pain. Had nasal sprays (Nasonex, Avamys) the odd session of antibiotics when there was an actual infection, MRI scan (told sinuses were blocked though I felt no congestion at the time, but they weren't going to operate)

I now "manage" it with no meds. I find steam (long showers) and exercise help dislodge what's up there. I blow my nose every morning. i read that eating a lot of dairy makes the problem worse - creates more secretions.

My problem has now morphed into vertigo hmm

HelenF350 Thu 14-May-15 11:54:22

Neilsmed sinus rinse is brilliant. I suffered from chronic sinusitis for years and it's one of the few things that helped me.

scattercushion Thu 14-May-15 18:30:44

Bobs123 sorry about your vertigo - how draggy.
I wonder how Neilsmed sinus rinse differs from the others - any ideas Helen F350?

Roonerspism Thu 21-May-15 00:33:27

How are they now?

I had huge sinus problems after the birth of one of my children. Never ending infections and fatigue and misery. ENT Consultant recommended operation but was gloomy about prognosis.

Sod that I thought. I massively de-junked my diet. No sugar, dairy or wheat. Took vitamin D, C and magnesium. Ate minimal processed foods. There was a gradual but definite improvement. I kept on the steroid spray.

I havent returned to the ENT Consultant. He assured me diet couldn't help but was utterly wrong. I fell pregnant again and has morning sickness and ate gluten/sugar and dairy again - I have had a few sinus problems again but not as bad as before. Have gone back to a clean diet and they are nearly better again.

Hope this helps someone!

bobs123 Thu 21-May-15 10:32:36

Yes I agree with Rooner These problems can be on-going and at some point you have to take control and do all you can to help yourself. I also think diet plays a part and also stress can make problems worse. I take A-Z multi vitamins and minerals whenever I have health problems.

Hope you're feeling better scatter x

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 21-May-15 15:20:51

I got rid of mine by cutting out dairy completely for 6 weeks and regularly steaming with a steam cup. It's miserablesad

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