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Fasting blood test- ate something

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MoreSnowPlease Tue 12-May-15 08:16:09

Just a bit of a mushroom, will it have so much of an effect that I should put test off until tomorrow? Ate it about 2 hours before I'm sure to take test

TheoriginalLEM Tue 12-May-15 08:18:14

yeah cos no one can resist a bit if mushrooms! !grin i would say that so long as it wasn't magic you should be ok

MoreSnowPlease Tue 12-May-15 08:29:58

Lol, I know such a rubbish thing to eat too!! I was breaking it up for baby and he looked like he wasn't going to try it, so I ate some to show him! I spat most of it out when I realised.

hedwig2001 Tue 12-May-15 08:35:13

Mushrooms have no fat and very little in the way of calories. I doubt it would have any effect on fasting bloods for glucose tolerance or fat levels.

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