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Hair loss help

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Lipgloss74 Sat 09-May-15 22:46:57

Hi there, my hair is notacibly thining round the front of my head. I am now 40, on the mini pill and take immunosupression for a kidney transplant. I have recently started taking biotin and massaging my scalp with coconut oil but nothing is helping.
Any ideas for hair help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. L x

Kittykat7 Sun 10-May-15 02:49:22

It could be Androgenic Alopecia. I suffer with this. The treatments are an anti Androgenic pill like Yasmin or Diane, sprionolactone or Cyproterone. All gave me side effects so I had to stop. I was recommended to try the Men's Rogaine Foam as it's a stronger solution to rub in those areas. It would be too messy to do for my hair as mine is curly & I have to blow dry it straight everyday. It would be ok if your hair was short.

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