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Spotting - anyone else?

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hannah0030 Fri 08-May-15 13:57:31

Hi smile
For the past six months I have been spotting brown for most of my luteal phase. I have regular periods of about 30 days, but before my period comes I spot (sometimes light, sometimes heavy, sometimes blood, sometimes clot) for between one and two weeks.
My GP said my smear pap test, blood tests and hormone levels were all fine. What does anyone think it is likely to be? Has anyone else experienced this and had any answers? How do you think it could affect fertility?
Thanks all xx

Christhemoose Fri 08-May-15 14:14:24

I had spotting for years and it turns out it was a polyp. It was causing bleeding between my periods and before my period was due. They finally did a hysteroscopy during my fertility tests (unable to conceive for 2 years). Might be worth pursuing one of these tests?

isitnearlytime Fri 08-May-15 14:56:31

I had this and it was fibroids. Had them resected via hysterocopy and, touch wood, it's stopped.

DontWorryBeHappyNow Fri 08-May-15 17:31:39

I had this for most of my adult life, ever since taking the mini-pill for 3 years in my early 20s (this was later pulled off the market). All tests - full infertility work-up - came out normal, but with borderline polycystic ovaries. Our infertility was classed as "unexplained" but I've always been convinced it was down to my hormonal imbalance. We had lots of minor treatments (Clomid, IUIs) before moving on to IVF which worked first time, twice.

My periods have been much more normal since having children although I still sometimes spot for a day or two before my period starts. It's nothing like the 10+ days that I used to spot for every month. Also, I knew from using OPKs and from "temping" that I always ovulated late in my cycle (day 16 or later) and my luteal phase was only 11 days, with spotting for most of it. These days, although we're no longer ttc, I'm still acutely aware of when I ovulate (due to pains and other strong signs which I became very familiar with during the years of ttc) and my luteal phase is now a healthy 14 days, with ovulation occurring on or even before day 14. Even though nothing was ever officially diagnosed I'm absolutely sure that I had a hormonal imbalance which righted itself with my successful pregnancies.

I hope that helps. Good luck OP.

SpangleMaker Fri 08-May-15 19:18:34

Hi, I had that for a few months and I think it was due to a cervical erosion. I had a smear and pelvic/transvaginal ultrasound (I talked the GP into the latter because I was panicking) and all was normal. The nurse doing the smear mentioned the erosion. It went on for a few months but eventually stopped. I do still get a tiny bit of spotting - literally a hint of blood - at ovulation, not sure why.

hannah0030 Fri 08-May-15 20:18:24

Thank you all for your messages! I'm going to take it up with my GP further, they just said take the pill again but I don't want it to just mask a problem if you see what I mean?

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