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Breast clinic - can anyone tell me what happens?

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Fucoffee Fri 08-May-15 10:28:07

I found a lump in March, and went to the GP who couldn't feel anything but told me to come back a month later. By the next appointment, it had grown and shrunk back down again, but she could definitely feel it this time. She said most likely a cyst, given that it got smaller again, but referred me to the breast clinic to check.
My appointment is next week, and I'm feeling anxious about it (I didn't help myself by watching The C-Word the other night). I just want to know what's actually going to happen at the appointment - will they definitely scan/mammogram? Will I have to go back for the results another time, or will I find out there and then? I can't stand all of this waiting. I didn't ask much at the GP appointment as I just wanted to leave the room before I cried.

WhereTheFuckIsMyFuckingCoat Fri 08-May-15 10:30:30

Hi Fucoffee, are you in the UK? I've got experience with the breast clinic, but as I'm in Australia, I don't want to give you any dodgy info. thanks For you, you must be really frightened, I know I was. xx

Hobby2014 Fri 08-May-15 10:33:10

I think it depends on age.
I'm under 35 so didn't have a mammogram.
I arrived, went into a room for a Dr to look at and feel breasts. Then went to have an ultrasound, then sent back to doctor to go through results.

18yearstooold Fri 08-May-15 10:35:54

When I went I had a doctor check both breasts followed by an ultrasound and a needle biopsy with a local anaesthetic -all done in one visit, no waiting around and results back a couple of days later (clear fortunately)

I think if I was older I would have had a mammogram instead of the ultrasound but I was only 32

I would say take a wrap or dressing gown with you

There was a bit of moving room to room in a hospital dressing gown and I felt a bit exposed but other than that I felt they made the experience as comfortable as possible

Fucoffee Fri 08-May-15 11:06:01

Yes I'm in the UK. Thanks for the flowers. If I allow myself to think about it, I'm terrified, but I am rather good at sticking my head in the sand until the small hours of the morning when there's nowwhere to escape from my thoughts

Sorry I forgot to add my age - I'm 35. Thanks for the info, and glad that your results were clear 18years. Sounds like I could be there a while then? My appointment's at 10am and I need to pick up DS from nursery at 1pm - could it take that long?

Hobby2014 Fri 08-May-15 11:18:36

I wasn't there that long probably about an hour and a half. But I'd try and arrange for someone to collect if you don't phone them to say you've finished and can go.

WhereTheFuckIsMyFuckingCoat Fri 08-May-15 12:03:26

I was in for 3.5hrs - examination, ultrasound, mammogram, fine needle biopsy, results with surgeon, chat with breast nurse. But like I say, could be different in the UK. I, too am 35.

LtheWife Fri 08-May-15 12:35:07

Hi Fucoffee, I got an appointment through for the breast clinic yesterday so I'm waiting and wondering with you.

My letter said to allow from 2-3 hours for the appointment. General advice seems to be take a book, something to drink and a companion.

As I understand it they do a physical examination first, then a mammogram and/or ultrasound (mammogram depends on age and breast density), once they've had a look at those they'll then decide if they need to do a biopsy.

If they're pretty certain everything looks fine they'll often be able to give you the results there and then. If they've had to do a biopsy you go back for the results once a pathologist has had a look at the sample. Some doctors will still give you an indication on the day as to what they think it might be but others are more cautious and like to wait until the biopsy results are back.

mrsrhodgilbert Fri 08-May-15 15:24:00

I would agree with what everyone has said but would reiterate that it might be an idea to take someone with you. If it is bad news you could be told there and then, some hospitals do work like that. Clumsy hints were dropped with me but I was sent away for an agonising week for it to be confirmed. Kinder to tell you immediately I think if they can be sure. But it's far more likely to be innocent.

IamMummyhearmeROAR Sat 09-May-15 08:09:40

I went 2 months ago. I was there for 2 hours. I was late to be taken but once I was seen by the consultant I was on the move pretty constantly. He checked me over, asked questions about my general health, my family history, my concerns. I then waited for a mammogram, which was just uncomfortable not painful. The mammogram was looked at immediately and it was decided I needed an ultrasound, which again happened rapidly. Then I was called back to consultant for results which were thankfully fine. Most women were there with a partner or friend. Everyone was very kind and everything was explained clearly.

Fucoffee Sat 09-May-15 19:23:02

Thanks so much for your messages. It helps a lot to have more of an idea of what will happen.

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