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Any dentists about?

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Draylon Thu 07-May-15 19:00:05

I have a mystery pain! I'm 52, and have a mouth like a Cornish tin mine... despite careful dental hygiene over the decades; All my molars are filled, one is capped, 2 or 3 root canals. I do not resemble Wurzel Gummidge, however!

After at least 10 years of no problems, 2-3 months ago, I quite suddenly began to get hot/cold sensitivity in my lower left- I thought 6. I went to the dentist who thought the amalgam filling looked intact but evinced the pain with the air blower. I got her to check twice as I sort of felt the pain might not be 6, or not just 6? Anyway, I had a 2 1/2 week later (ouchies! Much neurofen!) appt to remove and refill lower left 6. This was 2 weeks ago. The dentist said she saw no problem under the old filling.

Sadly, if anything, I am gradually getting to be in more pain now that I was before! I am on 4-6 neurofen a day, the pain kicking in a bit randomly. The acute, searing pain happens with hot/cold stimuli; but the low, grinding, non-throbbing pain from mid lower left mandible to EAM can kick in any time- often 2am! And is relieved with more neurofen.

So today I went back to the dentist who was surprised to find that I was cold-air blower sensitive in lower left 5, 6 and 7... no pain with tapping on the teeth, no pain with pressing on the mandible either on the buccal (?sp) or 'outside side', inside my mouth.

She took an xray of 5, 6 and 7 which revealed Not Much. There is a small hyperdense area of bone (osteolith??) under 7's root but I think that has been there a while if I recall earlier OPGs. But no bone cycts, erosions, reactive changes at all. Nerve canals look fine.

She said she'd consult with a colleague and call me back later, which she did. Still a bit non-plussed! But suggesting it might be referred pain from my upper molars that side, and could I come in to get them imaged? Which I have agreed to. BUT...

I doubt it! My upper jaw is fine. Right now, 7 hours after my appointment this morning, my lower left jaw hurts. Low, tolerable but grinding pain. (no stimuli though Pinot Grigio would be my prescription grin ).

Could it be some weird neuralgia? But why only hot/cold on the area, only, immediately (and temporarily) evincing it? Yet it can randomly hurt like hell! For no reason, relieved (quickly, but I do have a liver!) only by neurofen!

What do you think?


I shall post in Chat later if there are no dentists on here!

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