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Blood in my pee ???

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callmedizzy Wed 06-May-15 09:33:08

Hi all, abit panicky this morning a brief outline - I was fine til Sunday then woke up feeling hung over (I had drunk half a bottle of wine previous night) then by lunch time I took to bed and couldn't get up I slept on and off all afternoon, I had slight tummy pain with sharp interludes (similar to trapped wind) woke up about 6 and was violently sick then fine again but still sleepy and abdo pain - Monday still abdo pain from up in stomach area to lower back and very low abdo no appetite - felt a bit better yesterday although still pain intermittently noticed my pee was a funny colour in the early evening thought I would check in the morning and phone dr if still funny colour - this morning did a pee it is an orange colour almost like Lucozade still have intermittent abdo pain and feeling very bloated and swollen (have been able to open bowels as normal Sorry) I do feel funny like I am not quiet with it :-( waiting for dr to phone back

noddyholder Wed 06-May-15 09:34:35

It does sound like a UTI you will need antibiotics Until then loads of fluids and paracetomol if you feels shivery.

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