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Bleeding after sex- what to expect from GP?

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Alayah Tue 05-May-15 20:12:22

Name change as I'm talking about quite personal stuff!

The last few weeks I've had a small amount of bleeding each time after sex, my usual GP has been absolutely useless and rude with it about other things, so I'm registering with a new GP to get this checked out, and just wanted to get it straight what tests/questions I should expect them to ask to make sure this gets checked out properly. I've got used to GPs being rubbish and having to fight to get them to follow NICE guidelines etc. Can't find any guidelines on this though.

I'm not too worried I had a cervical erosion diagnosed 5 yrs ago with similar symptoms but that was put down to back-to-backing oral contraceptives, and resolved by itself, whereas now I've been off hormonal contraceptives for 6 months. Negative STI screen then also and negative smear 12 months ago. 2 new sexual partners since last negative screen, all sex protected though apart from 1 failure, took MAP next morning, normal cycles since then.

What should they be checking/asking? I'm expecting a vaginal exam, but should they also do pregnancy/STI tests, repeat smear? Could the MAP cause a cervical erosion/post coital bleeding?

Thanks in advance

Alayah Tue 05-May-15 20:12:58

Oh and I'm 32, if that makes any difference

Musicaltheatremum Tue 05-May-15 20:53:15

I would take history, do a speculum examination, swabs, check smear history and depending on what I saw refer you to gynae or colposcopy. Wouldn't do smear test as screening rather than diagnostic. Would probably refer you to colposcopy again. Pregnancy test if indicated too. (Sorry reading post and replying in bits)

Alayah Wed 06-May-15 10:19:36

Thanks MTMum ��

Do you mean that you would refer to either gynae or colpo depending on what you saw on exam- is there anything you could see on exam that GP could diagnose there and then and not need to refer?

I feel guilty for being so questioning of HCPs but unfortunately my experience is of being persistently brushed aside/not referred when I should have been, and I don't want that happening again!

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