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Pain after ganglion went away

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daughterofliz Tue 05-May-15 07:55:11

I have had a ganglion cyst in my right wrist several times over the years and it normally doesn't hurt while it is intact, but sometimes aches a bit while it is going down. I had one recently and a couple of days ago I noticed the familiar ache, and saw that the lump had got a lot smaller. Now it has gone altogether but the area around where it was looks quite swollen, as if quite a lot of fluid has gone into it, and it still hurts about as much as it would if it was swollen for a different reason, like bruising or a mild sprain. In the past this stage hasn't lasted as long and it hasn't been quite as swollen. I'm wondering if I somehow made it worse because I had two long journeys over the weekend and had a lot of heavy stuff to carry. Do you think I need to go to the doctor, try to immobilise it or just leave it to clear up on its own?

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