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Nasal septal perforation advice

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JaneWest01 Sun 03-May-15 15:16:27

After numerous visits to the doctors over a few years, our teenage son was diagnosed with a “huge” nasal septal perforation. A nasal septal button was fitted that was 28mm diameter with a centre core of 6mm diameter, it was fitted complete at this size. We were told this is what is normally used but usually cut down to fit. We were also told due to not having much cartilage left at the base of his nose where nostril openings are, that it may not be successful. When he went for a follow up appointment the ENT consultant said it had moved and pulled it out. He went on to say nothing more can be done. This leaves us in a position where our son is miserable due to breathing issues and we believe its making his asthma worse.

We are wondering if anyone could offer any advice on getting a solution, if anyone knows of any doctors or techniques available via the NHS within the UK that could help?

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