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bonbonpixie Sat 02-May-15 23:25:31

Sorry for the vague title, not quite sure what my question is really....
So I'm a migrane sufferer. Had my first around five years ago. It was the middle of the night. Id been sleeping and I woke with the pain. Could barely see or stand the pain was so bad. DH took me to out of hours GP. Felt better after injections of pain killers and anti-sickness drugs and completely normally again after a day or so. I suffered five of these over the next twelve months. There seemed to be nothing obvious to connect each attack. Not stress, sleep, diet, alcohol. I had my optometrist check my prescription and nothing had changed. The randomness of it all was really upsetting. We had an odd theory about stressing my weak neck (have put my neck out quite a few times. It spasms but resolves with muscle relaxants) GP said no. Then they vanished as soon as I became pregnant with my DC1.
DC2 was only three months old when I had my first of this new series. I've now had four in three months. GP can't prescribe as before as I am breast feeding. I've been taking 900mg of aspirin when I feel an attack coming on but it doesn't always work and I feel like this is just delaying the inevitable as I don't seem to feel normal again until I've had a full attack. Again there is no obvious connection. GP doesn't seem to know what to try or who to refer to. So wondering if anyone could suggest anything.
GP still says no, but I do always seem to have a sore neck just before getting a migraine. Pain in my neck is very sharp and near base of my head. Also quite often these days I seem to be suffering from a sort of headache hangover where I feel like my head is in a vice and it's also sore to the touch. Feels pressured just lying down to sleep!! Very worrying with two small children. I have private health insurance and DH suggests asking for scans to be done privately but I'm not sure if this is just total over the top and I'd look foolish asking GP for referral. Hoping someone might have some suggestions.
Thank you. smile

Kittykat7 Sun 03-May-15 02:56:40

You could maybe try seeing an osteopath or chiropractor to see if that would help if you think it is neck related. Acupuncture is also worth a try too You don't need a Drs referral. Sorry to hear that you are suffering I get migraines if I have a bad nights sleep a few days in a row or am stressed. Some foods such as macadamia nuts, pine nuts, sun dried tomatos & cheesy crisps are also a trigger for me.

mistymeanour Mon 04-May-15 15:48:18

Go to see a migraine specialist (Neurology) on your health insurance - they will take a detailed history and do some tests to rule out anything sinister and be able to suggest a treatment plan or suggest a referral to another specialty if required.

mistymeanour Mon 04-May-15 15:55:38

Also meant to say there is an acknowledged link between migraine and "head trauma" (neck surgery, injury or infection such as meningitis) There is also a hormonal link (my migraines cleared up with each pregnancy). I had an ear/balance issue (and migraines) caused by meningitis and so was always seen by ENT, finally after 20 years I have been seen at a Migraine Clinic and things are finally improving.

Specialists I've heard good things about:

Anne Mc Gregor at the London Migraine Clinic
Dr Surenthiran (has NHS clinic in Medway and private clinics around SE)
Dr Sue Lipscombe (Sussex)

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