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stomach trouble

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shedgirl Fri 24-Apr-15 20:13:21

I've had upper abdominal pain for over a year -it's in the centre under my ribs and usually goes through to my back. After a huge attack in February last year (I wasn't sure whether to go to hospital) I went to the doctors who said it was an ulcer. I was prescribed omeprazole which worked but then when I was weaned off it in June, the pain started to come back. I did manage a holiday, ate whatever I liked and actually put on a bit of weight, but my stomach was huge.
I decided to get fit by walking to work every day since, and started losing weight, but by November the pain was intense, so I went back to the doctors and was prescribed Lansoprozole, which didn't really work at all. After many more trips to the doctors, I was eventually sent for an ultrasound scan for gallstones, but instead it revealed a small tumour on my liver (I could actually feel a lump in the painful area - but was told it was fat). I was told not to worry as it is probably benign, although I was referred for an MRI to check. I had that done last week, still waiting for the results.
Since then I have been in more pain and am now on Pantoprozole with cocodomol, but I have started being sick. Some days I can barely eat and struggle to go to work. I went back to the doctors yesterday and she said she would refer me to a gastroenterologist for an endoscopy scan to check for ulcers. However as I'm so cheesed off with waiting, I asked her to refer me to a private clinic next week. I've lost over 2 stone now and it's a bit too skinny for me - lots of people are commenting.
Now the dilemma - I am studying a degree - I have to hand in my dissertation in 2 weeks, but I'm really struggling - so tired and fatigued. I've done really well up to now, but I don't think I can do it anymore. It's a shame to fall at the last hurdle, but I feel my health must come first. My tutor said I could claim extenuating circumstances and get an extension, but I think this health saga is going to go on for a while yet and I can't face it over the summer, I just want to give up, rest and get better as it's cracking me up. Anyone know if I would get anything if I didn't hand in the dissertation? An ordinary degree? Or diploma of higher education?

Maiziemonkey Sat 25-Apr-15 00:54:59

I don't know what would happen if you left it but felt i had to answer you since nobody else has yet- and because i really sympathise with studying while having a health problem.
I am doing a degree but only in first year and have ongoing chronic back/pelvic pain. Could you really not bear to get extensions and finish in the summer? nobody likes the idea of summer work but you have worked so hard and are nearly at the end of it- you would be able to rest once finished so it's only a few more months. I am currently doing an essay under similar circumstances as everyone else has finished, you have to do what you must to get through the course. might you be able to defer the last year until next year?
think you need to get all the options laid out for you by the uni. But obviously you are right and your health comes first, if that means you have to dropout all together it is better that than makes yourself more ill. good luck with the course and getting better

PoshPenny Sat 25-Apr-15 11:21:44

I'm so sorry that your going through this, your GP doesn't sound like she's being much help from what you've written. Make sure you chase up that MRI result and get some action going forward. I think it's such a shame it's all at the same time as your dissertation. I honestly would keep going for now, I understand what you're saying about an extension, but it sounds like you're on the tip of getting a diagnosis and that may well dictate what length of an extension you will need. I think if you drop out of the dissertation now, you will spend the rest of your life wondering "what if." I would be pretty sure it's the illness that's making you feel like that. thanks

shedgirl Tue 19-May-15 17:30:51

Thanks for the replies - to update, I had the MRI results -the tumour is now 4cm x 3cm instead of 2cm as shown on the ultrasound, but my doctor has assured me that it is benign and probably not the cause of my symptoms.
I saw a gastroenterologist who recommended an upper GI gastroscopy which I had done a couple of weeks ago and am still waiting for the results of the biopsies, but so far all looks ok, no hernia or parasites! The consultant has said he will look at the MRI scan and send me a report. He did however recommend that I stop taking the PPIs as I have been on them for a long time, and also definitely stop the co codomol. He diagnosed chronic functional dyspepsia with chronic fatigue. Out of sheer frustration and much googling, I decided to start taking high dose probiotics which have greatly helped to settle my stomach, and I can now eat and sleep a lot better.
As for the degree - I cashed it in for a pass degree as I had done 300 points - disappointing, as I had really good results, but necessary at the time, and a great deal of weight off my shoulders.
Slowly getting better and stronger and looking forward to a summer with my family. x

Snugglepiggy Tue 19-May-15 20:12:03

Hi shed girl.Sorry you have had such a frustrating and worrying time.You sound to have been incredibly patient and stoic through it all.Especially about the liver tumour.really hope you get confirmation it's benign ASAP.
I'm only two months in to seeing GP about sudden unexplained weight loss,that happened first ,followed by croaky dry throat and then a nasty bout of gastritis.My GP put me on Omeprazole and then put through an urgent refers to a Gastro specialist.But 4 weeks later still no appointment.So much for urgent! I am starting to feel my stomach is settling down,and have never lost my appetite - in fact some days I feel hungry all the time,and only eating calms the dull ache going from my breastbone through to my back.So I'm wondering if when I eventually get checked out it will show an ulcer.Hopefully nothing worse.
But like you comments about my weight loss have upset me.I'm petite frame anyway and have had to buy some new clothes because all my usual clothes are hanging off me.And well meaning friends saying 'Lucky you.Wish I could shed some pounds' don't help when you're already worried.
I've stopped the Omeprazole myself a few days ago.I felt nauseated and it didn't seem to help.Bit naughty I know.But I know they can't test for H Pylori if I'm on it.So I'm eating little an often,bland but nutritious foods.Drinking soothing chamomile tea and coconut water.And have just ordered some extra strong acidophilus, and as much as possible taking it easy when not working.Hope you continue to feel better and congratulations on your Degree.

shedgirl Tue 19-May-15 21:25:20

Oh Snugglepiggy - I feel your pain! It's so frustrating having to wait for tests and then the results. It's hard to explain to others when you haven't got a diagnosis too. The gastroenterologist was all for herbal remedies - peppermint capsules or tea, I really don't like being on medication and I'm sure it has given me other symptoms. He also recommended smaller, more frequent meals, reduce stress, be more active in the mornings and rest more in the afternoons/evenings. (A bit hard with work though!). I tend to hit a wall after lunch - 2 pm, then the walk home after work is a bit of a killer. A lie down with a hot water bottle is the best remedy I have found for the back pain. I'm a bit of a tough nut - always soldier on, like my mum did, I have a large family, in fact I hadn't been to the doctors for 14 years before all this - now I feel a bit like a hypochondriac.
I'm still on the PPIs for now - waiting for a doctor's appointment and will ask for a lower dose to wean me off them.
Take care of yourself x

Snugglepiggy Wed 20-May-15 13:12:33

Thanks Shedgirl.Actually rang GPs this morning and they are going to chase up my referral -again.I'm self employed and lucky that if I organise my days carefully I can pace myself and be finished most days by mid afternoon.However if I don't work I don't earn,and I don't like to mess my customers around and could just do with knowing when I will out if action for an endoscopy.Plus I have an outdoors and physical job.Heigh ho.Guess I will just be patient.Weirdly enough yesterday I took a couple if antihistamines as the pollens were high I think and had the best nights sleep in ages and the mucousy,tight throat felt clearer.But until I get a diagnosis I'm going to stick with trying to relax and use natural remedies.

yousuf1 Wed 20-May-15 22:50:54

Look up sphincter of oddi dysfunction.

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