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Prolonged bleeding afet childbirth and baby with lost voice?

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spikeycat Thu 29-Apr-04 10:33:45

I ended up back in hospital with a uterine infection in IV antibiotics for 5 days about a week after DS2's birth, then took them orally at home for 7 days. However, I am still bleeding. It doesn't smell bad anymore (sorry for that info!) and its not constant but it is red fresh blood - does anyone know if I should be concerned? DS2 is 5 weeks tomorrow. They didn't do a D & C although they were considering one.
On another note has anyone else had a baby that has lost its voice? DS2 is not really a crying baby but he is just making little squeeks now and sounds like he has a v sore throat - any suggestions?

gloworm Thu 29-Apr-04 10:56:04

with my first baby i continued to bleed a little until i stopped breastfeeding ( 7mths).Didnt worry me, just found it very inconvenient.
with second baby it stopped after about 2mths.
I know this probably doesnt help but maybe will put your mind at rest.

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