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I have a problem....farting!!

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Beetroot Thu 29-Apr-04 10:01:25

Message withdrawn

WSM Thu 29-Apr-04 10:06:33

From what I've heard it means that your digestive system isn't all that efficient. I know that the average human being breaks wind approx 12 times a day but I think it's an indication of poor digestion/diet when they are frequently smelly, IYSWIM.

WSM Thu 29-Apr-04 10:07:36

I am VERY impressed that you haven't changed your name for this one Beety !

harman Thu 29-Apr-04 10:09:44

Message withdrawn

harman Thu 29-Apr-04 10:12:56

Message withdrawn

twiglett Thu 29-Apr-04 10:14:37

message withdrawn

Beetroot Thu 29-Apr-04 10:15:03

Message withdrawn

collision Thu 29-Apr-04 10:15:33

Buy an air freshener for DH.

Beetroot Thu 29-Apr-04 10:15:36

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Thu 29-Apr-04 10:17:02

Message withdrawn

jodee Thu 29-Apr-04 10:19:14

<whisper> I used to have this 'problem', but ever since moving to the coast it's gone! Must be the sea air - if only I could bottle some and send it to you, Beety... !

papillon Thu 29-Apr-04 10:19:55

detox will definately be making things worse

I am vege too and always abit of a stinker (iam trying hard to type throught the laughter )

some vege gets u going I think more than others.

Spod Thu 29-Apr-04 10:20:57

buy a peg for dh's nose

geekgrrl Thu 29-Apr-04 10:28:54

my dh has this problem too. he's a meat eater so it's probably not that... obviously we eat pretty much the same stuff yet he's a total windbag and I'm very ladylike Would love to find a cure!!

neetsmassi Thu 29-Apr-04 10:31:24

Have no advice to offer as my DH farts all day long even if he only has water BUT thanks for making me laugh!

gloworm Thu 29-Apr-04 10:57:42

peppermint oil works a treat for most people

fairyfly Thu 29-Apr-04 11:33:09

I'd love to help but i have never farted in my life

papillon Thu 29-Apr-04 12:12:49

out of personal self interest and in assistance to your good self I had a wee look in google for
flatulence foods

found this link
alternative medicine and health

fingers crossed

Codswallop Thu 29-Apr-04 12:16:37

me too beety

twiglett Thu 29-Apr-04 12:24:00

message withdrawn

Codswallop Thu 29-Apr-04 12:25:38

bt is this why you dont share rooms?

papillon Thu 29-Apr-04 12:28:46

Pregnancy was a shocker for me too Twiglett - it was fart and run

Twinkie Thu 29-Apr-04 12:33:04

Apparently stretching like a cat helps release it - you know lean on elbows and poke bottom in air and stretch you back out - don't know why and can't rememebr where or why () I know that but it does work to a degree - you can get tablets too that absorb the wond and try not to take anything containing calium as they just makes it worse!!

Codswallop Thu 29-Apr-04 12:34:41

I read that in on eof those " wirst case scenario dating" books
lol at someone catching you doing it!

Codswallop Thu 29-Apr-04 12:35:59

PORK,it rrecommended that you do it ist he loo if you felt farty in a restaurant!

maybe thats what George Michael was doing!

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