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Threadworms in adults.. do they have to begin in children? Sorry, poss TMI

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aweebitgross Wed 01-Nov-06 11:03:09

Hiya, regular poster honest, have changed my name for this as I am a bit embarrassed

For the past couple of weeks I have had an itchy anus at night, I assumed it was down to a couple of piles I have, and paid no more attention to it. The past 3 nights however have been terribly itchy and I was scratching... then I remembered the last time I itched like that I was about 9 or 10 and it turned out that I had threadworms. Now, last night I was itching again and I had the most dreadful feeling that it was worms again, so I got a small bathroom mirror and turned on the light in the bathroom, angled myself so that I could see my anus and sure enough, there were 3 or 4 threadworms at the opening of my anus. I felt sick.. totally ill. I washed, changed bedsheets, told hubby (as wasn't sure if he might have got them by sleeping in same bed as me, although most nights I wear underwear, pyjamas even, but some nights I sleep naked. I checked dd's bottom whilst she was asleep, but could see nothing. Do any of you know at all if it is possible for them to begin in adults, or do they have to come from a child first? Obviously I will be stopping at the chemist today for treatment for me, do I have to treat the whole family, dd is 5 and ds is 2. I hope someone can answer this for me so I don't have to go over it all in the chemist later

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geekgrrl Wed 01-Nov-06 11:06:08

They can start in anyone I'm afraid, they're not choosy. Don't be ashamed - you could easily have infected yourself touching a doorhandle at school, or an infected shopping trolley.
You do need to treat everyone in the family though as the eggs become airborne. Ovex is sold in family packs - I'd suggest getting two packs and treating again in a couple of weeks as the eggs can survive for a long time and you don't want to reinfect yourself.

aweebitgross Wed 01-Nov-06 11:08:26

Oh thankyou...I thought they came from children, but you're right about getting them from anywhere. I will ask in the chemist for Ovex.

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shimmy21 Wed 01-Nov-06 11:09:57

please don't be embarrassed. I've posted loads about threadworms (mine and other people's!) on here. I'm on a one woman campaign to get the problem as recognised and talked about as headlice because they are so damn common (one in four kids at any one time ).

To answer- yes of course adults can get them and pass them to other adults (although you have more likely picked them up from your kids). That is why yes, you must always treat the whole family.

Why on earth don't schools, health visitors etc talk about worms in the same way as headlice. people just don't know.

PS treat agin in 2 weeks to make sure there is no second coming!

EliBoo Wed 01-Nov-06 11:37:31

Agree, don't be embarrassed! I've posted about them loads too, mostly to try and determine whether I and dd actually had them or not (after nearly six weeks, am pretty sure not but we'll never know - hopefully!).

I've got dreadful piles (pregnant) and am itchy in the afternoons and evenings, on and off, and first part of the night. I have checked as you did almost every night for weeks, and never seen a worm - do you mind me asking, are they easy to see?? And did you itch during the day, ever?

Just in case, I treated the family (Ovex for them, Pripsen with piperazine on OB's say so for me) twice, and have done lots of handwashing/nailcutting/sheetchanging/towelwashing as well.

I'm all for outing the whole issue, never heard of them till I asked about itchy bits on MN!

And hope you feel a lot better tonight, post-Ovex.

shimmy21 Wed 01-Nov-06 11:43:18

They are easy to see to the naked eye (e.g. on loo paper). They wriggle so can't be mistaken for any other ..erm 'detritus'. But this doesn't necessarily mean that you would see them. The little buggers have a habit of popping back inside if they think anyone is looking for them.

And yes they can cause itching any time of the day or night but nightime is most common.

EliBoo Wed 01-Nov-06 11:49:21

I wonder, if after nearly six weeks of checking myself almost nightly, and dd's poos (she still uses a potty), and not having seen a single wriggle.....I can relax? Just wish the twitchy/itchy feelings would go away - but suspect thats wishful thinking until baby is born and piles recede anyway.

Oh, and dd has never itched at night - just occasionally during bath, and she is prone to eczema, so could be that. I just wish there was a clear cut way of knowing!

Good luck with your campaign, Shimmy, I'm right behind you

aweebitgross Wed 01-Nov-06 15:46:48

Thankyou so much for your words shimmy... I have today, got ovex and will distribute these tonight.. wether dh likes it or not

Eliboo, yes they are quite easy to spot if you pass a motion and look [eew]

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Elibean Wed 01-Nov-06 17:06:43

Well done, WeeBit - hope you can rest in peace tonight, or at latest tomorrow!

And thanks - I suspect if I or dd had them, I'd have seen one somewhere by now

cherryblossomloverofpink Sun 10-Jun-18 21:40:15

hi guys i am a teenager but i obsolutley love your advice and i have recently come accross hsi and i did this and mine went away overnight without the help of medicine....
this happened because after a whole they annoyed me soo much that i compeletely strippeed my bed i put new sheets for my duvet and my blanket and then all my pants i antbacterialled them with dettaol and washed then with soap and scalding hot water after i cleaned all my worksurfaces with dettol and everything i touched then i wanted to cut my nails but im trying to grow them out so i went under all of tyem with a nailfile sprayed my hands in dettol and soap and then i put on this nail polish designed bitter to stop yoyr hands going to your mouth usually at night it does itch but put some cream on it and it helps to wash yourself completely with soap as well and now i am soo much better however do shower in the morning and get the medication you might need to use.i reccommend ovex.sorry for all the typos i was in a rush

LLWH Sat 23-Feb-19 12:05:05

I know this post is from last year but hoping someone can help me....
I’ve been feeling a tickling tingling, slightly itchy sensation around my vaginal area and sometimes around my anus for a few weeks. After lots of googling i decided it must be threadworms. I treated myself, husband and 4 & 6yo with ovex liquid followed the strict hygienic method. It has been 8 days now and no worms have been seen on any of us and no one has been itchy except me. I’m so worried and stressed I can’t sleep, eat or relax. I spend all my waking hours thinking about worms and feel like it has taken over my life as I find myself googling whilst at work! For the past two days I have been in tears and my children are noticing there is something wrong. I tried to make a doctors appointment but they cannot see me for two weeks! I’m so worried I now have an upset stomach and it is now burning when I go which I’m assuming is also from stress and strain as it is more diarrhoea like! I don’t think I can carry on like this for 2 more weeks! I know I’m being ridiculous but it truly feels like the end of the world. Surely if any of us had them I’d have found one by now? Could it be in my head that’s making me itch? I’m just so unsure! Sorry for the long rant but thought may be you would have some answers.

Baldwin1973 Wed 27-Mar-19 17:32:46

Are you still feeling worried? I am exactly the same. Would be very happy to chat of it helps

Mary1935 Thu 28-Mar-19 06:13:44

Hi I’ve had worms and one went into my vagina - must have been how I wiped my bottom. I knew there was something in there. Little fuckers!!!
I think they recommend you only take Ovex once now - I’ve always take it once and have never had a problem reoccurring immediately.

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