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he's stopped pooing - will he explode??!!

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elliott Tue 27-Apr-04 11:11:34

ok of course he won't - but ds2 (21 weeks) hasn't done a poo for nearly a week and I'm starting to worry. I know all the books say infrequent pooing is ok in a breastfed baby, but just how long can he go and it still be alright?
Before this week he was going about every other day. I've just started a tiny amount of baby rice (3 days ago) which may not be helping but isn't the cause I'm sure.
Is there anything I can do to help? He seems fine btw, just occasional uncomfortable wind...

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 11:12:52

great title though!

ithink this must make it onto the home page!

KPB Tue 27-Apr-04 12:57:57

I would def. go to the doctor, just to get it checked out. A week does seem a bit long and it may be that he is constipated. My ds was constipated as a baby and we ended up giving him lactalose. This may not be the case with your ds but with babies I think it's always best to get it checked out! HTH

dinosaur Tue 27-Apr-04 13:04:11

Try lying him down on his back, putting some massage oil on your hands and rub his tummy in a clockwise motion, sort of starting at a "quarter to three" position on his tummy and lifting your hands off when you get to the bottom of his tummy iyswim.

My DS1 used to not go for a week at a time and he never burst, but when he did eventually go it used to be a bit of a mess...

frogs Tue 27-Apr-04 13:05:19

You want explosion? Give him a teeny bit of watered-down orange juice in a bottle. That'll get his system moving. Just be prepared to hose the bathroom down afterwards...

Actually, this isn't entirely a joke -- my dd1 was like this and the health visitor suggested the above, with just those results. With ds and dd2 I've found that poos do get further apart on exclusively bfed babies as they get older, so I've just let them get on with it, and haven't bothered with the OJ. It'll all change again when you wean, anyway.


wobblyknicks Tue 27-Apr-04 13:07:13

dd was constipated a little while ago and lactulose worked wonders. Had her 'loosened' within 24 hours and no huge explosion, just a couple of hugely messy nappies!

Lisa78 Tue 27-Apr-04 13:26:14

Hi elliott, I know how you feel, it worries you doesn't it, even though you have a vague idea that you shouldn't be worried?!
I echo frogs, my DS2 was just the same, he went from a dirty nappy after every feed, to no dirty nappies at all. My gp suggested the OJ but DS2 was only 6 weeks old so I ignored that and let nature take its course
He's now 25 weeks and generally goes at least once a day; however, when he stops going, after 3 or 4 days, I give him a bit of OJ in water then don the protective clothing and stand well back! He fills his nappy up to his neck and then seems to start going daily again
Good luck
I tend to give him the OJ about an hour before I go out and leave him with daddy Much better arrangement I think!!!!

elliott Tue 27-Apr-04 20:16:30

thanks all. He's produced a small amount today (and just as liquidy as ever so he's clearly not truly constipated) so maybe tomorrow will be explosion day. I've tried the massage technique and also giving him a bit of dilute juice (but he wasn't too impressed, prob had less than half an ounce) How much juice should you give? Its only a few days since he had anything other than breastmilk so it feels a bit weird giving him juice...
His farts are getting a bit wiffy though so I hate to think what the explosion will be like!
Just hope he doesn't get any more uncomfortable with it....

boingyzebra Tue 27-Apr-04 20:27:53

I think up to 2 weeks is ok in a 100% breastfed baby... wait for Tiktok to say what she thinks?

Demented Tue 27-Apr-04 23:00:20

My DS2 could go 10 days, then it was an armpit job.

Lisa78 Wed 28-Apr-04 16:28:01

any production today elliott?

clary Wed 28-Apr-04 17:20:48

My DS1 used to go for a week without a pooh when solely b/fed; HV said it was quite normal, esp as he a) was clearly not unhappy (ie not constipated) and b) was still keen to feed! As others have said, it got more frequent once he was weaned. Tho even now (he's nearyl 5) he only goes every other day... made it easy when potty training tho, never had a pooh accident!! So what I'm saying Elliott, don't worry about it. The massage tip is good tho.

elliott Wed 28-Apr-04 20:41:37

No sign yet....we're now on day 8 (or possibly 9)....just had a pea-sized blob on nappy tonight.
this is very strange for me as ds1 was always a 5 times a day boy, well into his second year!

Evita Wed 28-Apr-04 22:09:34

Dd quite often went for longer than a week when she was fully b/f. I used to really worry about it but then I kind of got used to it and it was actually rather handy as I rarely got caught short with her in public! It just means that he's digesting almost everything he's having and there's little waste.

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