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Heathcliffscathy Tue 27-Apr-04 10:18:32

since yesterday ds (6 months) has developed a wheeze. only when he breathes in deeply (but noticeable). no new foods introduced yesterday. he has eczema. hasn't affected his sleep or eating and he seems happy. should i go to gp? am terrified it is asthma (runs in dh's family). his eczema was worse yesterday but seems to be better today. any ideas or advice? could it be hayfever? or a cold? he has no other symptoms.
am so so dreading that it is asthma (his aunt has 2-3 life-threatening attacks a year) am waiting for nhs direct to call me back. hope that i'm just a paranoid over anxious middle class mum thanks

twiglett Tue 27-Apr-04 10:25:20

message withdrawn

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