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**Tamoxigang Thread 52** With virtual tea, cakes and chat for all with cancer concerns

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Lilymaid Fri 20-Mar-15 10:25:45

We were almost at our 1000 post limit for Thread 51 - hope the title is OK but wanted people to know that we aren't just about people on Tamoxifen but for all with cancer concerns!

foofooyeah Fri 20-Mar-15 12:23:50

Thanks LILYMAID, Like the thread title.

In answer to boobz question on the previous thread, I have not heard of anyone having inconclusive results from a biopsy.
You could try the breast cancer care forums - personally I found them a bit confusing.

wineoclockthanks Fri 20-Mar-15 12:50:08

Found you <waves frantically> for some reason my iPad hasn't been letting me on the last thread (cannot parse response it kept saying) so I could read but not post!

I'm way out of date, but great news scone and welcome (although hopefully for a very short time) boobz. I can only reiterate what others have said about the breast cancer helpline. They have real breast cancer nurses so if anyone can help, hopefully they can.

I'm dashing back to work now but will be back later as I said I'd help organise a meet up!

foofooyeah Fri 20-Mar-15 13:06:03

Hi there wine <waves frantically back>

Marshy Fri 20-Mar-15 14:15:32

Hello everyone!
Great title lily

mintyneb Fri 20-Mar-15 16:47:08

joins in the waving smile. will try and catch up properly later

BsshBosh Fri 20-Mar-15 16:51:49

Hello everyone. I've decided to delurk as it's a new thread. I have stage 4 bowel cancer that's spread to my liver. I was diagnosed early last year, had chemo, and am now on my second line treatment. I'm incurable due to location of the primary cancer so no surgical intervention so I'm on chemo for life.

I have a 6 yo DD and a wonderful DH and very supportive family. It is hard at times to think about leaving them and especially not seeing my DD grow up or spending old age with my DH. But I have come to terms with it all and have a strong spiritual faith and outlook on life (and death) that keeps me going.

My motto (or three): take each day as it comes, relish the small things, don't sweat the small stuff.

Had chemo today but hey, the sun is shining! smile

Marshy Fri 20-Mar-15 17:23:05

Hi Bssh and welcome.

I think your mottos are great smile

Speedypenguin Fri 20-Mar-15 18:09:46

Signing in here too.

Welcome to Boobz and Bssh.

Another here who thinks your mottos are great.

Lilymaid Fri 20-Mar-15 20:11:54

Welcome to Boobz and Bssh to the club no one wants to join. I also have secondary Cancer (bone mets from primary breast cancer). My motto is Carpe Diem and I make sure I enjoy some good times ... and work full time to pay for them! I'm on oral chemo which is not as harsh as the other sort (have experienced 6 x Tax!)

savemefromrickets Sat 21-Mar-15 00:23:46

Welcome Boobz and Bssh. I'm sorry you are here, in the nicest possible way.

malteserzz Sat 21-Mar-15 08:51:58

Great thread title thanks lily

Welcome back Bish and wine smile such great support on here

Not much to report here, one more week before we break up for the Easter holidays, am enjoying being back in my old class with the little ones but am shattered !

gingeroots Sat 21-Mar-15 09:42:34

lillymaid - fantastic new thread title ,will let people know it's about cancer which was never clear before .

Speedypenguin Sat 21-Mar-15 12:25:32

Malt- how long have you been back with your class? I do love being with the little ones as well but am shattered too- can't wait to break up for holidays for a nice rest.

Just packed the boys off to camp but one has left his sleeping bag here! Feeling very bad for not doing a last double check. They are staying indoors and hopefully someone might have a spare blanket!

malteserzz Sat 21-Mar-15 12:44:35

Since half term speedy, we had a change of head who said that it was ridiculous that I'd been moved, was EYFS coordinator and went to KS2 with no experience. So I was moved back smile Hope DS finds a sleeping bag or blanket I'm sure they would have spares !

MomOfTwoGirls2 Sat 21-Mar-15 17:25:37

Haven't been on thread with ages. Just dropping by to say hi, and welcome to newcomers.

MarthaCostello Sat 21-Mar-15 20:11:55

Just popping in to say hi, thanks for the thread lily

wine I had that problem too, but then when I refreshed the page (sometimes more than once) it worked confused welcome back! smile

Speedy I was a Scout and then Beaver leader, I expect they will have spares of anything that it would be possible to forget, and then some grin

BsshBosh lovely to hear from you, I had been wondering how you were doing. (I think I may have had a different name last time, but I had bowel cancer a while back).

Nice to see you too gingeroots

I hope everyone is doing OK flowers

Salhal Sat 21-Mar-15 20:40:30

Hi everyone, I like the new thread title too. Bssh, I like your mottos, and I am going to try and adopt them inmy own life!

trice Sat 21-Mar-15 21:18:29

Hi all. I have been around the boards but not posting much.

My motto would be "just one step at a time" .

I'm a tawny owl with Brownies. We always have spare sleeping bags on camps, they get wet a lot. wink

Marshy Sat 21-Mar-15 21:20:33

Trice great to see you. I think of you often.

Speedypenguin Sun 22-Mar-15 21:30:17

Good that you're back with that age group- it does seem a strange thing to have made you move. Only a week to go until holiday time :-)

Martha and trice- they did indeed have a spare. Not a lot of sleep was had by all so two tired boys who were in bed very early! They had a good time though; always grateful to those who give up their time to do things like this.

Tomorrow I have to try and find a dress that will fit my slightly new shape!

Speedypenguin Sun 22-Mar-15 21:31:31

The first bit of my post was to Malt.

foofooyeah Sun 22-Mar-15 22:35:26

Good evening all. Lovely to see some old faces, and welcome to the new ones.

bssh a lovely friend of mine has bowel Cancer with secondaries ... He is doing remarkably well and is 4 years since diagnosis. Very fit active and holidays a lot!

BsshBosh Mon 23-Mar-15 08:42:21

Thank you for the warm welcome. Had chemo on Friday and then wore my usual slow release chemo pump over the weekend. Got disconnected yesterday evening. Coped remarkably well: had a lovely weekend with DH and DD eating out in Saturday (sushi) and on Sunday (Turkish) then spending Sunday gardening (well, DH gardened, DD played and I lazed around watching them!).

Very tired by the evening as I hadn't had my usual afternoon naps either day but it was fine. Watched first episode of Sherlock season 3 withough DH, me lying curled up in a duvet on the sofa and dozed.

A new week begins. DD at school, DH at work, me pottering around at home (I no longer work) reading (Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; I'm on the 50 Books challenge on Mumsnet; being ill has led to me reading more than ever); popping out to the shops for a short walk. Napping later smile

Hope everyone has a good week.

BsshBosh Mon 23-Mar-15 08:43:47

foofoo is your friend still on chemo; did he have any tumours surgically removed?

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