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low temperature

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1Mum Tue 27-Apr-04 00:25:30

my ds has had a low (low 35s) temp for a few days...hes otherwise in good form and eating as normal..should i worry?

twiglett Tue 27-Apr-04 09:17:02

message withdrawn

twiglett Tue 27-Apr-04 09:18:31

message withdrawn

linzoid Tue 27-Apr-04 09:37:08

my ds allways has a low body temp when recover from a virus. he can be burning up for a couple of days then his temperature goes lower than normal and i know he's on the mend. I have read that this can happen in a book too

goosey Tue 27-Apr-04 09:47:45

How have you measured his temp.? Temp. recordings are very unreliable. Does he feel cold with blue extremities? I wouldn't worry.

1Mum Tue 27-Apr-04 22:48:54

thank you for your replies..ds seems better...don't know what happened..

Thanks for your advice

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