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PERIODS.... How painful is normal ???

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Nutcracker Mon 26-Apr-04 22:31:16

I have always had bad period pains, since the age of 11. Have fainted with the pain several times, had my dad drive me to my moms at 3am just to get my painkillers and had loads of time of school and college.
Anyway, i thought things may get better after i had kids but there not.
When i'm on the pill i get hardley any pain at all, but when i'm not it's still horrendous.
I take painkillers a soon as the pain starts but then as soon as it wheres off i'm in agony again.
I usually get stomach ache and back ache at first but then the next day i get really bad pains in my sides, sort of like someone has kicked me alot.
The pain is usually bad enough to make me feel sick.

I've always assumed that it is normal but never really checked.
I did once wonder if it was anything to do with my funny shaped womb. I have a bicornuate uterus.

Just wondering what people thought really.

sexgoddess Mon 26-Apr-04 22:49:28

Don't really know what's normal anymore nutty having discussed flow with my friend last week she advised I visit the doctors!!! I usually have a low pain on day 1 but after that nothing. Worked with a girl once who had pains so bad she passed out. Was a bit of an attention seeker though. Reflexology is supposed to be good.

marlou Mon 26-Apr-04 23:21:48

Its good to know I am not suffering alone Nutcracker! I have suffered ever since I was about 12 and also thought things would get better after having a baby, but no such luck. I am now at a complete loss as to what to do and just dread it coming every month (or 40 odd days! don't even have a regular cycle so usually get caught out)

Nutcracker Tue 27-Apr-04 10:12:11

Well my periods are pretty regular, every 32/34 days or so. I don't really get heavy bleeding either and have usually finished about 5 days later.
Oh well suppose i'll just have to keep popping the painkillers then, until i go back on the pill.

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