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anniepanniepears Sun 15-Mar-15 13:31:35

Has anyone ever heard of or suffered from discitis
my sister has just been diagnosed with this been suffering excruciating pain over the last 5 weeks and she can hardly move looking for some advise
she is now in hospital getting antibiotics by drip

allypally999 Mon 16-Mar-15 11:50:50

Had to look it up .. sounds nasty .. why don't you join the back thread (above) and see if anyone else has had this or has any other advice

By the looks of it, if its an infection causing it, should be curable so there is light at the end of the tunnel1

hellomynameis Tue 17-Mar-15 16:35:09

This is very different to 'back pain'

Needs specialist ortho and micro / infectious disease input.

Patients can do very well.

Kundry Tue 17-Mar-15 16:39:38

Discitis is a long term affair - needs antibiotics and ortho input for ages. At the end of which you need fingers crossed about what the state of her disc will be and whether she will have chronic back pain. Outcomes vary - I've always seen it in elderly patients who often have damaged spines already, in a younger person I'd expect better outcomes.

But it's a long haul, she'll be having intravenous antibiotics for some time.

Karabanilla Tue 29-Dec-15 15:23:39

I have discitis and I'm done w my intravenous antibiotic for 8 wks and now I'm in oral antibiotics for 3 wks already but I still
Can't walk w out a walker and there's still pain.

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