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Perforated eardrum - does hearing come back gradually or suddenly?

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MoragG Sat 14-Mar-15 13:54:12

Had this diagnosed on Wed and my right ear is completely blocked. The hissing/ringing noise is driving me mad :-( Is my hearing likely to come back gradually or will it suddenly clear? My balance is really off too, and I don't think driving would be a good idea. I'm a bit concerned about going back to work on Monday feeling like this, but on the other hand I can't stay off for weeks if my hearing isn't going to come back quickly! Any advice/experience welcome.

MoragG Sat 14-Mar-15 20:52:05

Bump. Has no one had this?? :-(

MoragG Sun 03-May-15 22:46:56

No one replied to my question, but in case anyone looks at this thread in the future I can report that my hearing came back gradually, and it took at least 6 weeks before it was more or less back to normal.

MegaClutterSlut Mon 04-May-15 15:56:24

I used to suffer with this a lot. Sometimes my hearing would come back gradually but most of the time for me my ear would 'pop' and I could hear properly again and everything sounded mega loud hope yours clears soon smile

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